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There are a variety of weapons at a Slayers' disposal in the world of Dauntless.

Each weapon can be imbued with Aether to enhance their power in various ways. You can also infuse your strikes with elemental abilities to even the odds against the Behemoths of the Shattered Isles.

Each type of weapon is able to deal different types of damage to Behemoths and their body parts. Ensuring your hunting party has a good balance of each damage type is ideal for safely dishing out the most amount of damage while simultaneously securing the desired break-offs.

For an extensive list of each weapon and their statistics, view their respective pages.

Weapon Types[]

Every weapon belongs to one of three attack types, each of these types boast pros and cons to their capabilities in battle.

Weapon Skill[]

Main article: Weapon Skill

Each weapon in Dauntless has an associated Weapon Skill that increases with Weapon Skill XP. Weapon Skill XP can be earned from slaying Behemoths, completing island random events, and completing Bounties. Each level to your weapon skill adds +20 Power and +20 Resistance when using a weapon of that type.

Weapon Tiers[]

All weapons fall into a certain Weapon Tier, which determines their power, perk value, elemental bonuses, and sometimes their unique effect as well. The table below shows what bonuses each tier will give.

Each weapon will start at Tier 1 through 5 except Recruit weapons & the Training Sword, which are permanently Tier 0. When a weapon is Power Surged, the weapon will jump directly to Tier 6. Additionally, most weapons will get a stronger Unique Effect when power surged.

Tier Power Elemental Power Perk Value
0 10 None None
1 20 +16 Strength
-8 Weakness
+1 Perk
2 40 +32 Strength
-16 Weakness
+1 Perk
3 60 +48 Strength
-24 Weakness
+2 Perk
4 80 +64 Strength
-32 Weakness
+2 Perk
5 100 +80 Strength
-40 Weakness
+2 Perk
6 120 +96 Strength
-48 Weakness
+3 Perk

Attack Types[]

  • Slashing: Deals increased Part damage to certain unbroken parts of a Behemoth (Horns, severable Tails, and Wounds).
  • Blunt: Boasts higher (x1.33) Stagger damage for knocking down Behemoths.
  • Piercing: Deals Wound damage on hit, but can not deal stagger damage without outside buffs. Once a wound damage threshold has been met creates wounded points on a part that increase incoming part damage.

Elemental Types[]

Weapons crafted from the reagents of elementally-charged Behemoths will retain that elemental property. This makes them exceptionally strong against a Behemoth of an opposing element type and slightly weaker against Behemoths of the same element.

Blaze Icon.png Blaze Power Deals burning damage to the Behemoth. After reaching a certain threshold, the Behemoth will light on fire and receive DoT for a short period of time.
Frost Icon.png Frost Power Deals cold damage to the Behemoth. After reaching a damage threshold, the Behemoth will be slowed down by ice.
Shock Icon.png Shock Power Deals lightning damage with each hit. When a damage threshold is reached, the Behemoth will collapse with a paralysis effect similar to being staggered.
Terra Icon.png Terra Power Deals green, nature-based damage to the target. After reaching a certain threshold, the Behemoth will display green spiral particles and heal any slayer that attacks it.
Radiant Icon.png Radiant Power Deals light-based damage to the Behemoth.
Umbral Icon.png Umbral Power Deals shadow-based damage to the target.

Exotic Weapons[]

Exotic weapons are unique variants of weapon types that alter the special ability of a weapon. They generally require an extensive list of materials to craft and upgrade, but offer a slightly different way of using or playing the weapon.

Icon Name Power Element Perk Cell Slots Unique Effect
Molten Edict Icon.png Molten Edict 40 Blaze Icon.png Blaze +1 Brutality Perk Icon.png Berserker Brutality Cell Brutality
Prismatic Cell Prismatic
Replaces all hammer blasts with unique fireball abilities that deal blaze damage
The Hunger Icon.png The Hunger 80 Umbral Icon.png Umbral +2 Brutality Perk Icon.png Ragehunter Brutality Cell Brutality
Prismatic Cell Prismatic
Activate to enter Feast, gaining the effects of Valiant Overdrive while also gaining increased damage and lifesteal. Damages the user while active. Reactiving to dash also grants brief invulnerability.
The Godhand Icon.png The Godhand 80 Radiant Icon.png Radiant +2 Finesse Perk Icon.png Savagery Finesse Cell Finesse
Prismatic Cell Prismatic
Channel a beam that deals increasing damage, up to 200%, the longer it is channeled
Twin Suns Icon.png Twin Suns 100 Neutral Icon.png Neutral +2 Alacrity Perk Icon.png Evasive Fury Finesse Cell Finesse
Prismatic Cell Prismatic
The Twin Suns Barrel: While Empowered, gain +40% critical strike chance instead of bonus damage.

The Twin Suns Chamber: Load 8 Mag Bombs into your magazine. They attach to enemies and are detonated on Reload. The first Mag Bomb attached to each Behemoth part deals +300 damage.

The Twin Suns Grip: Dash in a direction, becoming invulnerable for the duration. After dodging through an attack, fire 6 mini-shots that always crit. While in Mag Bomb mode, fires 2 Mag Bombs instead.

The Twin Suns Prism: After a critical strike, reduce the cooldown of Mag Bomb mode by 3 seconds.