There are currently five types of Weapons in Dauntless . These are Sword , Hammer , Chain Blades , War Pike , and Axe . All new players will start with a sword but will have access to other types early in the game. Weapons are inbued with Aether to increase their damage output. Talk to an aethersmith to upgrade weapons using aether materials. Players can also infuse weapons with elemental abilities to use against Behemoths

Weapons use combos to increase damage and can put out two different types of damage. Axes, Chain Blades, and Swords do cutting and piercing damage, while the hammer which also can inlcude piercing, does more blunt force heavy damage. 

Swords - Balanced. Good for beginners. Allows for more movement. 

Axes - Slower movement than sword. Heavy damage. Vertical and horizontal attacks that can be charged for extra damage. 

Chain Blades - Fast and nimble combos. High versatility. Harder to master. 

War Pike - 

Hammer - Harder to master. Timing is more important for combos. Does high damage. Has a gun element that will fire a single shot.