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The Unseen is a cultist group that is in Ramsgate during the Dark Harvest. The Unseen Cult is also responsible for the Riftstalker.

Unseen Language[1][ | ]

Unseen translator

A = ㅏ B = Б
C = C - 𑀘 is only used once D = Δ
E = Э F = Ф
G = Γ H = ㅎ
I = И J = 𑀛 / ㅈ
K = ㅋ L = Λ
M = ㅁ N = 𑀦/N - 𑀦 is only used once
O = Ω P = Π
Q = Q R = ㄹ
S = Σ T = T
U = U V = V
W = W X = X
Y = Y Z = З

Lore[ | ]

The Unseen

As a doomday cult they are not here to make friends. They try to create chaos. The story goes:

In the early years after the Upheaval, when wild aether seemed to suffuse all things, many people found they had an inherent ability to manipulate aether on their own, without any technology to help them. And while some used this power to help the world recover from the apocalypse, others bent it to darker purposes, keeping to the shadows to hide their power. Have the Unseen been biding their time for centuries, waiting to carry out a dark conspiracy? Or are the Unseen we know simply modern pretenders — albeit ones talented in some dark form of aether-shaping?

The Unseen Witches were one of the earliest threats the post-Upheaval world would face. It was said they could even summon and command the Behemoths – something considered impossible today. And while the witches of those stories were thought to have been hunted to extinction, the recent appearance of the new Unseen calls this assumption into question …

With their own Behemoth-summoning rituals and manipulation of dark aetheric power, the Unseen may indeed be the inheritors of dark traditions, and the revived Night Hunters are determined to stop them from returning to power. And for every Slayer who embraces the objectives of their faction, their ability to protect Ramsgate will grow stronger. But with Dark Harvest on the horizon, they will need all the help they can get to track down and defeat the Unseen.

They finally met some reisistance doing the 2019 Dark Harvest. The Night Hunters.

The flash of bright metal caught her attention, however, as did the rasping hiss of a bizarre, many-eyed figure that lunged at the part-time bartender. Belynda’s scream ended abruptly as she dodged backward, slamming into the wall behind her with enough force to knock her momentarily senseless.

When the time came to relate the story to her boss the next day, Belynda had trouble describing the scene in great detail. Eyes, unblinking and cruel, arrayed in a deeply unsettling way on the face of her attacker. The rustle of a leather coat and the clanging clash of blades as a dark figure stepped between the dazed woman and the Unseen cultist that had attacked her. The sickening splat of a severed arm landing on the damp cobblestone and the retreating wail of her assailant as they fled into the sewers beneath the city. The reassuring voice that told her she would survive, and warned her to be more cautious when walking home at night.

It wasn’t until she finished the story that she learned the truth. The Night Hunters had returned. The Unseen would not be able to hide forever.

Dark Harvest 2018[ | ]

Phenomenon[ | ]

The Dark Harvest returned to Ramsgate in October of 2018. The first time we got information about the Unseen was in the news on the [playdauntless.com] news page on the 5 of October. In this news page, we also get to see some graffiti[2], which was the first cipher. Then it happened in the patch number 0.5.9 was where we got the same cipher again.

ΔΩ­ ­ ­­ ­ ­YΩU­ ­ ­­ ­ ­CㅏㄹㄹY­ ­ ­­ ­ ­ㅏ­ ­ ­­ ­ ­ΛㅏNTЭㄹN? [3]

When you translate this you get "Do you carry a Lantern?".

Later on October 23, there was an update with another cipher.

𑀛ΩИ𑀦 UΣ [4]

The Cult arrives in Ramsgate[ | ]

Strange marking starts appearing in Ramsgate. As seen in this picture, someone started spraypainting some strange markings.

Inside the city of Ramsgate, strange markings are not all just graffiti. Some of them seem like ciphers and the first cipher that slayers found was the "Sewer Cipher"

This cipher was found by going near the sewers and inside you would find this.

Found in the Sewers of Ramsgate

This here reads: UNΣЭЭN ㅏNΔ WㅏИTИNΓ ИN ΔㅏㄹꟻNЭΣΣ

When you translate that you will get the message: '"Unseen and waiting in darkness"

This next cipher was found after going further after finding the first, you will find this next cipher.

Found after you exit the sewers

This message here reads: TㅎЭ ΣㅎㅏTTЭㄹЭΔ ㅁUΣT ФㅏΛΛ

When you decipher this, you will get the message: "The Shattered must fall"' The Shattered that the message is referring to is the The Shattered Isles. Since the Unseen is classified as a doomsday cult, it makes sense that they would try to eliminate the city of Ramsgate as well as the Islands that make up the surrounding area.

This last cipher was the "Cave Cipher" and was found inside the cave behind the waterfall.

Found inside the cave under the waterfall

This cipher was the last one inside Ramsgate. When you entered the cave behind the waterfall, you would find the effigy of a Shrowd.

Credit to u/unzariurufu

And if you looked up you would find this cipher: ΣЭЭ TㅎЭ ΣΩUNΔ ㅏNΔ ꟻИΩW TㅎЭ UNΣЭЭN

When translated you will get the message: "See the sound and kiow the Unseen"little spelling error on Phoenix Labs part If you listened to the sounds in the cave, you would hear that it was not the normal Ramsgate music.

When you run this message through an audio software that has the ability to create a Spectrogram[5]. You would find a message hidden in the audio. As you see here:

Spectrogram Unseen Cave

This Spectrogram reads: @ΔNTΛΣ_TㅎЭUNΣЭЭN ㅏㄹЭ ΛИΣTЭNИNΓ. ΣΠЭㅏㅋ TㅎЭ WΩㄹΔΣ: ФㅏΛΛЭN ΣㅎㅏΔΩW

When you decipher this you get the message: "| @dntls_TheUnseen are listening. Speak the words: Fallen Shadow" This was the official account for the Unseen and if you spoke the words "Fallen Shadow" you would be rewarded with the Unseen Armour, Unseen Flare and Unseen Sigil. This was the end of the ARG. The Unseen seemed to escape into the shadow until they return again...

Riftstalker Ritual[ | ]

We then got introduced to the Riftstalker. Which was summoned by the Unseen, as seen in this dialog in at the top of the news page. [6]

The rite had worked.

Ten minutes ago the clearing held nothing, but now there was a* something. *A small, strange tear in the fabric of the air, just an arm’s length away from the edge of the circle. The candles fluttered as the rift breathed wider.

“Darkness shield us,” Egan whispered.

Umbral aether lashed through the tear, forcing the portal wider still. There was movement now. Restless movement. Egan could feel the weight of his heart in his chest, pounding.

“We have done it,” said the other. “The Unseen prophecy will at last be fulfilled.”

The rift had grown to nearly human height.

“Great Unmaker,” began the Speaker, “We summon you and name you Riftstalker.”

Umbral aether dripped from the rift, pooling on the ground below. A candle, too close to the pool, fell into the slick and out of reality.

“Walk with us in the darkness.”

A shape emerged from the umbral tear. Four powerful paws, tipped in claws. Tall ears. A sinuous tail. And a coat of writhing umbral aether that clung to it all like a living thing.

It snatched the Speaker in its jaws and dragged him, screaming, beyond the rift.

The ritual had worked, the cultist was successful in their attempt to summon the Riftstalker, what they didn't consider was how to control it. The Riftstalker turned on them and attack one of the Unseen members.

Dark Harvest 2019[ | ]

So before the Dark Harvest event was in-game we had a little treasure hunt with the Unseen twitter.

“ИT БЭΓИNΣ”. On October 15th these words were uttered by the Unseen Twitter. Translating them give you “It begins”

Later that night, the Unseen strikes again. The Dauntless Roadmap got an update.

They added their logo to the Dark Harvest event. That is not all, if you check using a developer tool in your browser you will find this: [1]

2nd candle[ | ]

The Unseen twitter also changed its cover to this photo: [2]

And if you look at the left bottom corner, you will notice that there is text.

Unseen 2019 Twitter Message

This cover says “TㅎЭ ФΩㄹΓΩTTЭN TㅎЭ" translating to “The Forgotten The” and then 2 strange symbols. The new symbols were an “A” with a stroke and an “Anger” Symbol. These symbols we wrote of as new letters by we couldn’t figure out what letter. So, we had to let that be for now. We started to look for changes in anything Any piece of code or something. But came up short. Until the moment we figured out another clue. Around 7 pm the same day, we got a change in the Unseen Twitter.

3rd candle[ | ]

The candles in the cover changed. Instead of there being 2 there was 3 lit. This led us to believe that each candle resembles a clue. So, we started looking. A partner stream was scheduled at the same time. So, we went there.

On the partner stream of a certain Seabats we found a little piece of Unseen.


“TㅎЭ” translated it means “The”.

This string of Unseen was like the last one, 2 new symbols. What could they mean? It was here where Roel came up with the theory of them being that as he puts it “These are pieces of a positional puzzle”, his theory was that these new symbols were not letters or words. They were anchors (‡ Ɏ). They were needed to piece the text together. We could not confirm this theory before we had more. So, we waited.

4th candle[ | ]

Not long after, another change happened with the Twitter.

A fourth candle had been lit. Meaning a new clue. And sure enough, we found on. Upon logging in you would receive this message: [3]

This started to get interesting. When translating the header which says “ΣЭЭㅋ . ΣЭЭ- . - ΣЭЭN” which when translated means “Seek . See- . - Seen” Through we thought there was more to the header. Because there was dots and dashes. So when doing Morse translation we found that it gives AA. For most of you that makes no sense, but to all that understand Morse code it means something. When the signal “.-.-“ is given it means that its an “Unknown Station”. This might just be a coinsidence but still felt that it could be included.

The other part of the text is “TㅎЭY ㅏㄹЭ WㅏTCㅎИNΓ (repeating)” Translating this gives you “They are watching” this message repeats itself to make sure we understand. And last but not least there is messages inside the picture.

Unseen 2019 upon logging in

So, when so look at the picture you will get ”ㅏㄹЭ ΛWㅏYΣ ΩΠЭN” and when translated you get this “Are lways open” there seems to be a dot at the end of open and we think that is another anchor symbol. Same with the NT and the lightning in the photo.

There was also a change to the Roadmap. They decided to change the panel for the Dark Harvest. Then someone figured out that there was a class in the dev tooled called "Konami" (Found by Dahvikiin). For those that don't know the Konami code. It is a throwback to the NES from 1986. The ultimate cheat code. The Konami Code. When inputted on the roadmap. We get a change.

Unseen 2019 Konami Code

All the text changes into Unseen. And the Unseen Icon changed. If you inspect the element and take the code, you will get a long string of text. What you see here is BASE64 and if you run this back to a file. You can get an image.


"WЭ ㅎㅏUNT TㅎЭ” so now when you translate this you get. “We haunt the” and then two new anchors. This just made us more confused. Since have gotten nothing to support our theory or help us in any way.

5th candle[ | ]

The fifth candle had been lit and that meant a new clue. And wouldn’t you know it. We found one. Around 3:53 PM PDT we got an article made by GameSpot named “We’re Giving Away 1,000 Timely Arrival Packs For Dauntless”. If you scrolled down you would find:


We were welcomed by this:


And when run through a translator we will get: “The Unseen shadowe.” Then we get 2 new symbols. But if you look closely you will notice we have seen one before. The anger symbol was found in the candle message. Our theory of having the symbols be anchors grew stronger. We just need that little piece of information to make sure that we were correct.

6th candle[ | ]

When the 6th candle lighted up. Xanny Phantom, a Dauntless Partner released a video on his youtube channel. A weird mysterious video with a lot of scenes from the Shattered Isles. Once we saw this video we instantly knew it was in reverse. We ran it through audio software. Reversed it and it was still wrong. Then we sped it up by 4x and we got a clear message. https://soundcloud.com/16125612512512252/xannys-new-video

Unseen 2019 Xanny message

This led us to believe there was something in the video only visible for a second. So, we when looking and we found it at [4]. It was a message, an Unseen message.


After I ran this through a video editing software and played around with the lighting, we got something along these lines.

“ㅈUΔΓЭ ФΩㄹ ㅎㅏVЭ ФㅏИΛЭΔ” and 3 symbols, one of which we have seen before in the 4th candle. But when translating it reads “Judge for have failed”. Leading to our anchor theory working. We now had two sentences where there was the same symbol. So, meaning 4 ciphers connected now.

7th candle[ | ]

After a long wait, we finally got the next clue. We got it in the form of a newsletter. We knew something was up when you opened it and it contained an unseen logo when it appears in the newsletter. There was a new clue.


The clue says “WИΛΛ NΩT ΛㅏTЭ” which when translated means “will not late”

8-9-10 candle. The 24 of October. The Unseen finally arrived at Ramsgate. It was a jolly old time. We were finally on the right path of last year. We had been given 3 ciphers.


The message here reads: “YΩU ФΩㄹ” when translated it reads “you for” and two anchors.


The message here reads: “ФΩㄹΣㅏㅋЭN WЭ ㅏㄹЭ” when translated it reads “Forsaken we are” and 3 anchors. At this point, our anchor theory was mostly confirmed.


The message here reads: “YΩU UΣ ИΣ TΩΩ” when translated it reads “You us is too” and 2 anchors.

At this point, we were getting somewhere with all of these messages we could start to clue in on some stuff. We started connecting them.

11th candle[ | ]

On the 25th of October we got another stream. From our friendly neighborhood RevvyRad.


This message appeared and when traced it reads “WЭ YΩU YΩU” and translated it means “We you you”. And more symbols.

12th candle[ | ]

We were drawing closer to Halloween and on the 27 of October. OhDough happened. On one of his streams, this message was found.


This message read “ФㅏИΛЭΔ, YΩU ㅋNΩW UΣ, БUT, ΣЭЭ, UNTИΛ ИT” and when translated it means “Failed, you know us, but, see, until it”

Drawing closer to a conclusion we waited…

13th candle[ | ]

We got an update to the PlayDauntless website.

Unseen 2019 Website picture

This picture was added and if you looked in the lower right corner you would see a message. This message was hard to read. So, we went looking and we finally found something. When you opened this picture with through something like 7zip you would find this message in a png.


It reads “ΛΩΣT TㅎЭ TㅎЭ VЭNΓЭФUΛΛ” and when you run this through a translator or just by memory you get “Lost the the vengeful.” At this point, we wrote the “x”s of as a dot. To indicate a line break.

14th candle[ | ]

On Halloween, we finally got some more information. They released a trailer for the Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass. And in there we got a message.


We were one step closer to finishing everything. This here reads “WЭ ΣЭЭ ΩUㄹ ЭYЭΣ” and when translated it says “We see our eyes”

We were on the last day before the hunt pass dropped. There was not much time left. When we finally found something…

15th candles - Finale[ | ]

We got it. After blood sweat and tears it finally happened, we got a clue. The Unseen twitter became alive. And sent us this message.

Unseen 2019 twitter finale

This message reads “ㅏN ΩΛΔ ㄹЭCΩㄹΔ ΩФ WㅎЭN ΩNЭ БЭCㅏㅁЭ TㅎㄹЭЭ” and it translates to “An old record of when one became three. Through our past, our future becomes clear.” An old record of when one became three. This led us to think of console release and it was. On the trailer for the console announcement, we found it.

“ЗЭㄹΩTWΩTWΩΣЭ𑀯ЭNΩNЭЗЭㄹΩЗЭㄹΩNИNЭЗЭㄹΩФΩUㄹTWΩФΩUㄹЗЭㄹΩЭИΓㅎTTWΩФΩUㄹЗЭㄹΩЭИΓㅎTΩNЭФИ𑀯ЭΩNЭTWΩЗЭㄹΩΣЭ𑀯ЭNЗЭㄹΩФИ𑀯ЭTWΩΩNЭЗЭㄹΩΣЭ𑀯ЭNΩNЭΣИXЗЭㄹΩΣЭ𑀯ЭNTWΩФИ𑀯Э” to save you all the hassle of translating this from unseen to English it will just say that they are numbers. In this order.

“022710090424082408151207052107160725” this left us baffled for a few minutes until someone suggested that they might be dates. So, we made them to dates. Separating them all into 4 numbers. And this led us to look for patch notes and boy did we find some.

All the different dates were patch notes, but they were not just from the English patch notes it was also from the other languages.

02/27 - https://pasteid.fledix.com/8dem - "crépusculaire", french
10/09 - https://pastebin.com/NcMpjGYX - "rolling", italian
04/24 - https://paste.ee/p/mWiuK - "acceleracion", spanish
08/24 - https://pastebin.com/vkt3vZtb - "irregular", english
08/15 - https://codepen.io/dntls_theunseen/pen/ExxbQpP - "Aethersogkombo", german
12/07 - https://jsfiddle.net/kcL54e70/ - "Shrowd", english
05/21 - https://textuploader.com/1k2xe - "Heroico", portuguese
07/16 - http://plnkr.co/edit/507bPRoKtatO4MsxhmaH - "see", english
07/25 - https://liveweave.com/KcnwwT - "umbral", english

All of these words led to a page with some code. First, we had to figure out what the code was and we settled on Base64. So we then translated it. And this was a result.


This message reads ”WΩㄹΛΔ” and when translated it says “World”.

With this message, we finally completed the puzzle. Since now we got the final message.

Unseen 2019 - Finale cipher


That is indeed a long message and with that here is the final message.

“The forgotten, the lost, the forsaken, the vengeful. We are the unseen. We haunt the shadowe. We see you, for our eyes are always open. We judge you for you have failed the world. You know us but you will not see us until it is too late.”

And on that note, it ended. The unseen twitter sent out these messages.


“The message has been discovered. Spread it like an illness. Let the world know.”

“Yes, call it out into the darkness. Tell them all. Let them see.”

And finally, the last one.

“You have served us well. Our gifts await you all.”

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