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Thrax is the Escalation Boss for Umbral Icon.png Umbral Escalation.

"How far do the Umbral Deeps go? It's hard to say. But if you ever find yourself at the edge of a dark and shimmering pool — be alert. This is where Thraxes are known to feed. These cunning Behemoths use portals to hunt, striking through rifts with razor-sharp forelimbs and emerging from void-space to dive onto prey. Luring one into the open may be your best bet, but even this plan demands caution. Untreated, a Thrax's corrupting influence can leave a Slayer so drained that they can barely lift a finger — much less a weapon."

The Thrax weapons use a Bond instead of a Unique Effect and have a Legendary ability.

Legendary Ability: Activating your Thrax weapon's legendary ability will deal Umbral Icon.png Umbral damage to surrounding enemies, then teleport you into the sky. Target a landing spot and slam back to earth to dish out even more Umbral Icon.png Umbral damage.


Progressing through a talent tree will unlock permanent rewards that can be claimed when the required level is reached.

Umbral Escalation Rewards
Icon Level Title Description
Ico powerboost 1 001.png
Power Boost 1 Increases damage dealt by 5% and reduces damage received by 5% for each Amp active on you.
Exploration Merits Icon.png
Exploration Merit Bonus Earn 100 Exploration Merits Icon.pngExploration Merits
Ico powerboost 2 001.png
Power Boost 2 Increases damage dealt by 10% and reduces damage received by 10% for each Amp active on you.
Ico bonusamp 001.png
Extra Amp Option Grants access to a 4th Amp option during Umbral Escalations.
Ico powerboost 3 001.png
Power Boost 3 Increases damage dealt by 15% and reduces damage received by 15% for each Amp active on you.
Ico finalchest 001.png
Umbral Escalation Cosmetics Trichromatic Nightmare Icon.pngTrichromatic Nightmare, Warp Carapax Icon.pngWarp Carapax, Wicked Grasp Icon.pngWicked Grasp, Malice of the Deeps Icon.pngMalice of the Deeps, The Agony Spike (Standard) Icon 001.pngThe Agony Spike, Path of the Devourer Icon 001.pngPath of the Devourer, and Horror from the Deeps (Sigil) Icon 001.pngHorror from the Deeps


Passives are unlocked in the Talent Tree and add permanent bonuses on every Umbral Icon.png Umbral escalation hunt.

Icon Name Description
Zai's Manoeuvres Icon 001.png Zai's Maneuvers Admiral Zai's training grants 5% / 10% / 15% passive Movement Speed
Farslayer's Precision Icon 001.png Farslayer's Precision Xelya's knowledge of dangerous Behemoths grants 5% / 10% / 15% passive Part Damage converted to Wound Damage.
Strega's Tonic Icon 001.png Strega's Tonic Granny Strega's tonic grants 1% / 3% / 5% passive Life Steal, but she can no longer refill your flasks during Escalation.
Moyra's Reinforcement Icon 001.png Moyra's Reinforcement Moyra has reinforced the joints of your armor, granting 5% / 10% / 15% passive Damage Reduction.
Lucky Strikes Icon 001.png Lucky Strikes Lady Luck's shared mysterious knowledge of Behemoths grants 3% / 6% / 9% passive Critical Strike chance.


This is a full list of the Amps that are available for this Escalation. You can use talent points to unlock/upgrade many of these Amps in the talent tree. Each Escalation has its own talent tree to develop.

Umbral Escalation Amps
Icon Name Rarity Spawn Requirements Description
Alchemist's Bulwark Icon 001.png Strega's Bulwark Common Less than 5 flask charges Refills your flask to 5 charges. Your flask also grants you the effects of Bulwark Tonic.
Alchemist's Frenzy Icon 001.png Strega's Frenzy Common Less than 5 flask charges Refills your flask to 5 charges. Your flask also grants you the effects of Frenzy Tonic.
Alchemist's Revival Icon 001.png Strega's Revival Common Less than 5 flask charges Refills your flask to 5 charges. Your revive stims are also refilled to 3.
Avatar of Corruption Icon 001.png Avatar of Corruption Rare Immune to Corruption status. Entering a pool of corruption absorbs it, granting 15% damage and attack speed for 10 seconds. Only one pool can be absorbed at a time
Bonds of Corruption Icon 001.png Bonds of Corruption Rare For each enraged Behemoth, gain +15% bonus damage. For each aethercharged Behemoth, gain +5% bonus lifesteal from attacks.
Defensive Revive Icon 001.png Defensive Revive Uncommon Be in a group While reviving an ally, you are unstaggerable, and take 50% less damage.
Elemental Form Umbral Icon 001.png Elemental Form: Umbral Uncommon On Lantern Hold, enter Umbral Form for 10 / 14 / 18 seconds, granting 15% increased damage dealt. Entering another form cancels this effect and causes an Umbral explosion, damaging nearby Behemoths for 500.
Elemental Form Radiant Icon 001.png Elemental Form: Radiant Uncommon On Lantern Tap, enter Radiant Form for 18 seconds, granting 5% of damage dealt as healing to the lowest health Slayer. Entering another form cancels this effect and causes a Radiant explosion, healing nearby allies for 250.
Elemental Summoner Icon 001.png Elemental Summoner Epic Dealing 2000 wound damage summons a random stationary elemental to assist you for thirty seconds. Attacks deal additional wound damage per hit
Executioner Icon 001.png Executioner Common Deal +10% / +15% / +20% / +25% damage for each Behemoth below 50% health.
Exposed Weakness Icon 001.png Exposed Weakness Common Add 100 / 150 / 200 wound damage to each weapon attack.
Full Throttle Icon 001.png Full Throttle Uncommon Until the next Behemoth is defeated, gain +20% / +30% critical strike chance.
Go Time Icon 001.png Go Time Rare Lantern Hold grants +6% / +9% / +12% / +15% attack speed to all players for 20 seconds or until you take damage.
Healing Stream Icon 001.png Healing Stream Uncommon Dodging through an attack causes you to heal up to 250 health to your lowest health ally.
Overclock Icon 001.png Overclock Uncommon Until the next Behemoth is defeated, gain +15% / +25% attack speed.
Pact of Swiftness Icon 001.png Pact of Swiftness Uncommon Not the last round For the next encounter, take 25% more damage. Afterwards, gain +10% / +15% / +20% Attack Speed and 15% move speed.
Shadow Dodge Icon 001.png Shadow Dodge Epic Dealing damage accumulates charges of Shadow dodge. Dodging through an attack expends a charge, causing an umbral explosion that can interrupt behemoths.
Squad Goals Icon 001.png Squad Goals Common Be in a group Deal +5% damage. For each other player with Squad Goals, deal +2.5% / +5% additional damage.
Surgical Precision Icon 001.png Surgical Precision Uncommon Grants a 1% / 2% / 3% damage buff for the remainder of the run when a wounded part is broken. Gain an additional 1% / 2% / 3% each break for every player that has Surgical Precision
Thrill of the Hunt Icon 001.png Thrill of the Hunt Uncommon Not the last round Each time a Behemoth is defeated, deal 2/3/4/5%.
Torrent Shield Icon 001.png Torrent Shield Uncommon Using your Lantern Hold ability grants +150 health shield to all Slayers for 15 seconds.
Void Blast Icon 001.png Void Blast Rare When a short distance from a behemoth, occasionally spawn a ball of unstable Umbral energy that can be launched in a cone of projectiles that do 300 damage each.
Void Mantle Icon 001.png Void Mantle Epic Sprinting costs no stamina and builds Umbral charge. At max stacks, your next attack within 3 seconds deals 1000 bonus damage.

Crossover Amps[]

Crossover Amps are customized amps from other Escalations. These Amps do not appear unless the associated Talent has been unlocked in the Talent Tree.

Multi-Amp Unlocks
Icon Name Rarity Talent Required Description
Lady Luck's Barrage 001.png Lady Luck's Barrage Common Torgadoro Talent Icon 001.png
Lady Luck's Flames
Dealing stagger damage builds up a reserve of cannon balls, which are fired from above every minute.
Torgadoro's Strength Icon 001.png Togadoro's Strength Common Breaking a Behemoth part activates all currently-held Torgadoro's amps, granting you 16 seconds of +250 Stagger damage.
Torgadoro's Fury Icon 001.png Torgadoro's Fury Common Dodging through an attack activates all currently held Torgadoro's amps, granting you 16 seconds of +20% damage.
Shield Sphere Icon 001.png Shield Sphere Common Agarus Talent Icon 001.png
Enduring Barriers
When a short distance from a Behemoth, occasionally spawn a ball of energy that grants all nearby players 250 shields when destroyed.
Shrapnel Icon 001.png Shrapnel Common When any shield expires or is refreshed, it explodes, dealing damage in an AoE equal to 3 times the remaining shield value.
Pact of Hunger Icon 001.png Pact of Hunger Uncommon For the next encounter, consumables are disabled. Afterwards, gain +8% Lifesteal.
Spiteful Evasion Icon 001.png Spiteful Evasion Common Malkarion Talent Icon 001.png
Thunderous Dominion
After dodging through an attack, gain Malkarion's Spite (+15% crit chance, +15% movespeed) for 10 / 15 / 20 seconds
Duelist's Precision Icon 001.png Duelist's Precision Common Gain 1% / 2% / 3% stacking critical chance every half second that resets when you critically strike.
Critical Dominion Icon 001.png Critical Dominion Common Crits against a Behemoth build an aura that slowly decays. When fully built, Slayers within it gain +25% damage.


Umbral Escalation Mods
Icon Name Description
Danger zones icon 001.png Danger Zones Danger Zones periodically appear on the island. Avoid them before they explode!
Desperation icon 001.png Desperation Behemoths are unable to enter rage. Once below half health, they become enraged until defeated.
Planar Voyage Icon 001.png Planar Voyage Portals appear on the battlefield. Stepping on one takes the Slayer to the Umbral realm to collect Motes of Power. Each Mote grants the Slayer's Team a 10% damage buff for a short time.
Spitter spawn icon 001.png Spitters Spitters spawn periodically. Killing them grants a bonus the next time you deal damage to a behemoth. Stacks multiple times.
Styxian Sacrifice Icon 001.png Styxian Sacrifice Styxian predator fauna will hunt lone and injured Slayers, but will keep their distance from Behemoths.
Umbral Instability Icon 001.png Splitting Umbral An umbral projectile periodically spawns and repeatedly divides in two. Destroying an umbral projectile grants a buff.
Tough Hide Icon 001.png Tough Hide Behemoth parts take less damage , but wounded parts take much more damage
Umbral Instability Icon 001.png Umbral Instability Behemoths have been touched by unstable umbral energy and will periodicaly create black holes that must be destroyed.
Lightning stars icon 001.png Umbral Stars Crystals periodically spawns near Slayers and then detonate causing corruption after a short duration. If destroyed by Slayers, they spawn a buff.
Weak spot icon 001.png Weak Spot Behemoths are more durable, but have a unstable weak point.