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Lady Luck
Lady Luck
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Description[ | ]

Summary[ | ]

Lady Luck challenges you to defeat any Behemoth in a Dauntless Trails hunt.

Journal[ | ]

Lady Luck, the Corsair who controls the dangerous Island of Trials, has set for you the most dangerous of challenges: to defeat a Behemoth at Dauntless difficulty. It is a task to make even the boldest Slayers shiver in their boots. But you've never been one to shy from a challenge, have you?

Objectives[ | ]

  • Complete the hunt "Trial - Dauntless"

Rewards[ | ]

Dialogue[ | ]

(Quest start)

Lady Luck: "You have accomplished what few have — victory on my Island of Trials. But cruel beasties both terrible and magnificent await the truly... dauntless."

Lady Luck: "Show me what you're made of. Defeat a Behemoth in a Dauntless Trial and you will earn not just riches and glory but the acclaim of the Corsairs. And that, my dear Slayer, is a coin few ever earn."

(Complete objectives)

Lady Luck: "And they told me it was an impossibility. That no Slayer could hope to face a Behemoth of such unimaginable strength and live to tell the tale. Yet here you stand, living proof that even impossibilities are possible upon the Island Trials. Hold your head high, Slayer. Today you take your place among the dauntless."

Lady Luck: "Hold your head high, Slayer. Today you take your place among the ranks of the dauntless."

(Quest complete)