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Trials is a game mode where slayers travel to Lady Luck's Island of Trials near Ramsgate to slay a behemoth in a gladiator-style arena. The behemoths are threat level Threat Level18 ~ Threat Level22 and are boosted by modifiers. Trials are available in two difficulties: Normal and Dauntless.


Slayers can earn Steel Marks Icon 001.pngSteel Marks by clearing Normal Trials and Gilded Marks Icon 001.png Gilded Marks by clearing Dauntless Trials. Clearing the trial grants 100 Marks, and clearing the trial in under 5 minutes or under 3 minutes grants 200 or 300 Marks, respectively. These Marks can only be obtained once per trial until the next rotation. Steel and Gilded Marks can be used to redeem rewards in Lady Luck's Store.

The Top 100 fastest Dauntless Trial clears are tracked at the Wall of Champions each week in the Solo and Party categories. The Top 100 in each category will get access to the Champion's Gear in Lady Luck's Store.


There is currently a 17 behemoth rotation. (Outdated. Shadowtouched now exists in trials but I cannot find the data on where they are in the rotation) Note that all Normal Trials have theLast Stand Icon 001.pngLast Stand modifier, and all Dauntless Trials have theOne Chance Icon 001.pngOne Chance modifier.

Behemoth Normal Modifiers Dauntless Modifiers
Nayzaga Icon Framed.png Nayzaga Nearsight Icon 001.pngNearsight Shielded Icon 001.pngShielded Fortifications Icon 001.pngFortifications Electrify Icon 001.pngElectrify Icy Grasp Icon 001.pngIcy Grasp
Shrowd Icon Framed.png Shrowd Frost Smollusks Icon 001.pngFrost Smollusks Aftershock Icon 001.pngAftershock Inferno Icon 001.pngInferno Combustion Icon 001.pngCombustion Fortifications Icon 001.pngFortifications
Quillshot Icon Framed.png Quillshot Whiteout Icon 001.pngWhiteout Frigid Touch Icon 001.pngFrigid Touch Icy Grasp Icon 001.pngIcy Grasp Deep Freeze Icon 001.pngDeep Freeze
Malkarion Icon Framed.png Malkarion Deep Freeze Icon 001.pngDeep Freeze Behemoths Blitz Icon 001.pngBehemoths Blitz Danger zones icon 001.pngDanger Zones
Stormclaw Icon Framed.png Stormclaw Hot Spot Icon 001.pngHot Spot Fortifications Icon 001.pngFortifications Styxian Sacrifice Icon 001.pngStyxian Sacrifice Combustion Icon 001.pngCombustion
Boreus Icon Framed.png Boreus Weak spot icon 001.pngWeak Spot Lightning stars icon 001.pngLightning Stars Electrify Icon 001.pngElectrify Bomber spawn icon 001.pngBombers
Drask Icon Framed.png Drask Behemoths Blitz Icon 001.pngBehemoths Blitz Thick Skull Icon 001.pngThick Skull Static Shock Icon 001.pngStatic Shock Tracking Lightning Icon 001.pngTracking Lightning Frigid Touch Icon 001.pngFrigid Touch
Embermane Icon Framed.png Embermane Static Shock Icon 001.pngStatic Shock Electrify Icon 001.pngElectrify Inferno Icon 001.pngInferno Cursed Lighting Icon 001.pngCursed Lightning
Skraev Icon Framed.png Skraev Umbral Instability Icon 001.pngUmbral Instability Tough Hide Icon 001.pngTough Hide Momentum Icon 001.pngMomentum Icy Grave Icon 001.pngIcy Grave
Kharabak Icon Framed.png Kharabak Shock Smollusk Icon 001.pngShock Smollusks Sovereign's Chosen Icon 001.pngSovereign's Chosen Jagged Icon 001.pngJagged Tough Hide Icon 001.pngTough Hide
Koshai Icon Framed.png Koshai Styxian Sacrifice Icon 001.pngStyxian Sacrifice Thick Skull Icon 001.pngThick Skull Vicious Vigor Icon 001.pngVicious Vigor Fortifications Icon 001.pngFortifications?
Rezakiri Icon Framed.png Rezakiri Radiant Smollusks Icon 001.pngRadiant Smollusks Flaming Tail Icon 001.pngFlaming Tail Aftershock Icon 001.pngAftershock Incandescent Incarceration Icon 001.pngIncandescent Incarceration Inferno Icon 001.pngInferno
Charrogg Icon Framed.png Charrogg Whiteout Icon 001.pngWhiteout Inferno Icon 001.pngInferno Blaze Smollusk Icon 001.pngBlaze Smollusks Behemoths Blitz Icon 001.pngBehemoths Blitz Thick Skull Icon 001.pngThick Skull
Shrike Icon Framed.png Shrike Styxian Sacrifice Icon 001.pngStyxian Sacrifice Momentum Icon 001.pngMomentum Nearsight Icon 001.pngNearsight Frigid Touch Icon 001.pngFrigid Touch
Skarn Icon Framed.png Skarn Volcanic Vitriol Icon 001.pngVolcanic Vitriol Behemoths Blitz Icon 001.pngBehemoths Blitz Combustion Icon 001.pngCombustion Inferno Icon 001.pngInferno Electrify Icon 001.pngShockfall
Pangar Icon Framed.png Pangar Cursed Lighting Icon 001.pngCursed Lightning Electrify Icon 001.pngElectrify Deep Freeze Icon 001.pngDeep Freeze Thick Skull Icon 001.pngThick Skull
Gnasher Icon Framed.png Gnasher Static Shock Icon 001.pngStatic Shock Jagged Icon 001.pngJagged Fury Icon 001.pngFury Leaf Shield Icon 001.pngLeaf Shield Aftershock Icon 001.pngAftershock


These are all of the modifiers currently in Trials. (Some of the modifiers might not be active at this current moment)

Modifier Description
Last Stand Icon 001.png Last Stand Slayers have only one self-reive each.
One Chance Icon 001.png One Chance Slayers do not have any self-revives.
Nearsight Icon 001.png Nearsight Slayer's vision will become shrouded by a cloud of umbral aether.
Shielded Icon 001.png Shielded Objects created by Behemoths are temporarily electrified, shocking players that attack them.
Fortifications Icon 001.png Fortifications Objects created by Behemoths have increased health.
Icy Grasp Icon 001.png Icy Grasp Behemoths have been touched by frost energy, and will periodically cause icy spikes to erupt.
Electrify Icon 001.png Electrify Behemoths' physical attacks shock Slayers.
Aftershock Icon 001.png Aftershock Behemoth slam attacks cause targeted shockwaves.
Frost Smollusks Icon 001.png Frost Smollusks Frost smollusks inhabit the area and will lay trails of dangerous frost slime wherever they traverse.
Inferno Icon 001.png Inferno Behemoth on fire effects last longer and deal more damage.
Combustion Icon 001.png Combustion Behemoths' physical attacks set Slayers on fire.
Whiteout Icon 001.png Whiteout An icy gale wind blows, whipping up blizzards on the battlefield that obscure visibility. Destroy the ice globes to end the blizzards.
Frigid Touch Icon 001.png Frigid Touch Behemoth physical attacks apply Chilled to Slayers.
Deep Freeze Icon 001.png Deep Freeze Frost damage is increased. Player stamina costs are increased.
Static Shock Icon 001.png Static Shock Spires periodically spawn and target Slayers with Shock projectiles.
Cursed Lighting Icon 001.png Cursed Lighting Slayers will periodically be targeted by a curse of lightning. All Slayers get the curse, one Slayer gets the bolt.
Umbral Instability Icon 001.png Umbral Instability Behemoths have been touched by unstable umbral energy and will periodically create black holes that must be destroyed.
Tough Hide Icon 001.png Tough Hide Behemoth parts take less damage, but wounded parts take much more damage.
Momentum Icon 001.png Momentum Unstable attacks increase Behemoth damage if they are not interrupted. Interrupting unstable attacks reduces increased damage.
Icy Grave Icon 001.png Icy Grave When Slayers are frozen, a deadly trap starts to spring.(Dauntless Difficulty Only)
Jagged Icon 001.png Jagged Attacks that would cause wound now cause crippling wound.
Shock Smollusk Icon 001.png Shock Smollusks Shock smollusks inhabit the area and will lay trails of dangerous shock slime wherever they traverse.
Sovereign's Chosen Icon 001.png Sovereign's Chosen This behemoth has been corrupted by the power of Koshai.
Styxian Sacrifice Icon 001.png Styxian Sacrifice Styxian predator fauna will hunt lone and injured Slayers, but will keep their distance from Behemoth.
Thick Skull Icon 001.png Thick Skull Behemoths are more difficult to stagger.
Vicious Vigor Icon 001.png Vicious Vigor Behemoth regains 1000 health when damaging a Slayer with physical attacks.
Radiant Smollusks Icon 001.png Radiant Smollusks Radiant smollusks inhabit the area and will lay trails of dangerous radiant slime wherever they traverse.
Flaming Tail Icon 001.png Flaming Tail Behemoth tail attacks do bonus fire damage and cause Slayers to be set on fire.
Incandescent Incarceration Icon 001.png Incandescent Incarceration Slayers that go down will be trapped by a radiant orb.
Blaze Smollusk Icon 001.png Blaze Smollusks Blaze smollusks inhabit the area and will lay trails of dangerous blaze slime wherever they traverse.
Behemoths Blitz Icon 001.png Behemoths Blitz Behemoth attack speed is increased.
Volcanic Vitriol Icon 001.png Volcanic Vitriol Volcanoes erupt from the ground, spewing lava pools around the battlefield.
Fury Icon 001.png Fury Behemoth rage lasts longer, and empowers the Behemoth's defense and attack.
Leaf Shield Icon 001.png Leaf Shield On enrage, behemoths gain a shield that blocks projectile damage and prevents stamina regeneration. It can be destroyed by projectile damage or by causing a stagger.
Danger zones icon 001.png Danger Zones Danger Zones periodically appear on the island. Avoid them before they explode!



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