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Trials is a game mode where slayers travel to Lady Luck's Island of Trials near Ramsgate to slay a behemoth in a gladiator-style arena. Trials are available in two difficulties: Normal and Dauntless.

Rewards[ | ]

Slayers can earn Steel Marks Icon 001Steel Marks by clearing objectives in Normal Trials and Gilded Marks Icon 001 Gilded Marks by clearing them on Dauntless Trials. Completing Dauntless Trials objectives also rewards any unclaimed Steel Marks from Normal Trials.

Normal trial objectives are: Break 4 Behemoth parts, Stagger Behemoth 3 times, No slayers downed, Slay Behemoths in under 5 minutes, and Slay Behemoth.

Dauntless objectives are: No slayers downed, Slay Behemoth in under 5 minutes, and Slay Behemoth.

These marks can only be obtained once per trial until the next roation. Steel and Gilded marks can be used to redeem rewards in The Lucky Break

The Top 100 fastest Dauntless Trial clears are tracked at the Wall of Champions each week in the Solo and Party categories. The Top 100 in each weapon category will get access to the Champion's Gear in The Lucky Break.

Rotation[ | ]

There is currently a 20 behemoth rotation. Note that all Normal Trials have theLast Stand Icon 001Last Stand modifier, and all Dauntless Trials have theOne Chance Icon 001One Chance modifier.

Behemoth Normal Modifiers Dauntless Modifiers
Phaelanx Illustrated Framed Icon Phaelanx Inferno Icon 001Inferno Electrify Icon 001Electrify
Tempestborne Stormclaw Illustrated Framed Icon Tempestborne Stormclaw Fortifications Icon 001Fortifications Thick Skull Icon 001Thick Skull
Malkarion Illustrated Framed Icon Malkarion Deep Freeze Icon 001Deep Freeze Desperation icon 001Desperation
Rezakiri Illustrated Framed Icon Rezakiri Flaming Tail Icon 001Flaming Tail Incandescent Incarceration Icon 001Incandescent Incarceration
Riftstalker Illustrated Framed Icon Riftstalker Fury Icon 001Fury Momentum Icon 001Momentum
Drask Illustrated Framed Icon Drask Electrify Icon 001Electrify Poison Blood Icon 001 Poison Blood
Bloodfire Embermane Illustrated Framed Icon Bloodfire Embermane Inferno Icon 001Inferno Combustion Icon 001Combustion
Shadowtouched Nayzaga Illustrated Framed Icon Shadowtouched Nayzaga Deadly IconDeadly Fury Icon 001Fury
Deadeye Quillshot Illustrated Framed Icon Deadeye Quillshot Frigid Touch Icon 001Frigid Touch Icy Grave Icon 001Icy Grave
Frostback Pangar Illustrated Framed Icon Frostback Pangar Electrify Icon 001Electrify Deep Freeze Icon 001Deep Freeze
Razorwing Kharabak Illustrated Framed Icon Razorwing Kharabak Jagged Icon 001Jagged Tough Hide Icon 001Tough Hide
Shadowtouched Drask Illustrated Framed Icon Shadowtouched Drask Desperation icon 001Desperation Umbral Instability Icon 001Umbral Instability
Moonreaver Shrike Illustrated Framed Icon Moonreaver Shrike Momentum Icon 001Momentum Combustion Icon 001Combustion
Thunderdeep Drask Illustrated Framed Icon Thunderdeep Drask Behemoths Blitz Icon 001Behemoths Blitz Thick Skull Icon 001Thick Skull
Flameborn Quillshot Illustrated Framed Icon Flameborn Quillshot Thick Skull Icon 001Thick Skull Desperation icon 001Desperation
Shadowtouched Koshai Illustrated Framed Icon Shadowtouched Koshai Sovereign's Chosen Icon 001 Bleedout Vines Momentum Icon 001Momentum
Rockfall Skarn Illustrated Framed Icon Rockfall Skarn Poison Blood Icon 001 Poison Blood Behemoths Blitz Icon 001Behemoths Blitz
Koshai Illustrated Framed Icon Koshai Flaming Tail Icon 001Flaming Tail Fortifications Icon 001Fortifications
Bloodshot Shrowd Illustrated Framed Icon Bloodshot Shrowd Fortifications Icon 001Fortifications Combustion Icon 001Combustion
Ragetail Gnasher Illustrated Framed Icon Ragetail Gnasher Fury Icon 001Fury Jagged Icon 001Jagged
Winterhorn Skraev Illustrated Framed Icon Winterhorn Skraev Tough Hide Icon 001Tough Hide Icy Grave Icon 001Icy Grave
Firebrand Charrogg Illustrated Framed Icon Firebrand Charrogg Behemoths Blitz Icon 001Behemoths Blitz Thick Skull Icon 001Thick Skull

Modifiers[ | ]

These are all of the modifiers currently in Trials. (Some of the modifiers might not be active at this current moment)

Modifier Description

Last Stand Icon 001

Last Stand Slayers have only one self-reive each.

One Chance Icon 001

One Chance Slayers do not have any self-revives.

Fortifications Icon 001

Fortifications Objects created by Behemoths have increased health.

Electrify Icon 001

Electrify Behemoths' physical attacks shock Slayers.

Inferno Icon 001

Inferno Behemoth on fire effects last longer and deal more damage.

Combustion Icon 001

Combustion Behemoths' physical attacks set Slayers on fire.

Frigid Touch Icon 001

Frigid Touch Behemoth physical attacks apply Chilled to Slayers.

Deep Freeze Icon 001

Deep Freeze Frost damage is increased. Player stamina costs are increased.

Umbral Instability Icon 001

Umbral Instability Behemoths have been touched by unstable umbral energy and will periodically create black holes that must be destroyed.

Tough Hide Icon 001

Tough Hide Behemoth parts take less damage, but wounded parts take much more damage.

Momentum Icon 001

Momentum Unstable attacks increase Behemoth damage if they are not interrupted. Interrupting unstable attacks reduces increased damage.

Icy Grave Icon 001

Icy Grave When Slayers are frozen, a deadly trap starts to spring.(Dauntless Difficulty Only)

Jagged Icon 001

Jagged Attacks that would cause wound now cause crippling wound.

Thick Skull Icon 001

Thick Skull Behemoths are more difficult to stagger.

Flaming Tail Icon 001

Flaming Tail Behemoth tail attacks do bonus fire damage and cause Slayers to be set on fire.

Incandescent Incarceration Icon 001

Incandescent Incarceration Slayers that go down will be trapped by a radiant orb.

Behemoths Blitz Icon 001

Behemoths Blitz Behemoth attack speed is increased.

Fury Icon 001

Fury Behemoth rage lasts longer, and empowers the Behemoth's defense and attack.

Sovereign's Chosen Icon 001

Bleedout Vines When you enter bleedout, vines surround you.

Poison Blood Icon 001

Poison Blood Breaking a behemoth part spawns a pool of poison

Desperation icon 001

Desperation Behemoths are unable to enter rage. Once below half health, they become enraged until defeated.

Deadly Icon

Deadly Behemoth physical attacks deal increased damage.

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