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The Training Grounds is a training area where Slayers can attack dummy Behemoths to hone their skills with the various weapons, learn their combos, and compare damage values. This mode was released on June 11, 2020 in Patch 1.3.0.

Training Grounds background.jpg

Trainer Rosk[]

Bulvar "Trainer" Rosk is the weapon master of the Training Grounds. He gives a weapon overview and description for each weapon.

Damage Display[]

The Training Grounds provide a damage display, which will show total damage, damage-per-second (DPS), part damage, stagger damage, and wound damage. All values in this chart will reset after 5 seconds. This chart can be removed from the screen by pressing "8" on PC.

Training Grounds Display UI.png

Move List[]

Each weapons' combos are listed on the screen as well as a checkbox to see which combos have been completed. This chart can be removed by pressing "9" on PC.