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Thunderwatch Background 1.png
8 - 11
Guaranteed Behemoth
Local Flora
Local Ores
Island Events
Island Event Lightning Warfare Icon.pngLightning Warfare
Island Event Aether Surge Icon.pngAether Surge
Island Event High Alert Icon.pngHigh Alert

Thunderwatch is the 9th island in the Hunting Grounds.

Description[edit | edit source]

Thunderwatch was once going to be an important power-production site for one of Ostia's larger industrial collectives, but Behemoth attacks drove the engineers back to safer skies despite the abundance of stable and easily tapped aether vents.

Behemoths[edit | edit source]

Icon Behemoth Stars
Nayzaga Illustrated Framed Icon.png Nayzaga ⭐⭐
Firebrand Charrogg Illustrated Framed Icon.png Firebrand Charrogg ⭐⭐⭐
Flameborn Gnasher Illustrated Framed Icon.png Flameborn Gnasher ⭐⭐⭐
Shrike Illustrated Framed Icon.png Shrike ⭐⭐
Drask Illustrated Framed Icon.png Drask ⭐⭐

Gatherables[edit | edit source]

Icon Item Spawn Rarity
Heart Lily Icon 001.png Heart Lily Common
Ironthistle Icon 001.png Ironthistle Uncommon
Dashleaf Icon 001.png Dashleaf Uncommon

Island Events[edit | edit source]

Icon Event Description
Island Event Lightning Warfare Icon.png Lightning Warfare Hunt your prey, but look out for young Nayzagas and their shock spires.
Island Event Aether Surge Icon.png Aether Surge Aether surges are a common occurrence across the Hunting Grounds, attracting powerful Behemoths and other hostile creatures.
Island Event High Alert Icon.png High Alert Extremely powerful Behemoths pose an even greater threat to the island's ecosystem. Slay it quickly.

Journal Entries[edit | edit source]

Discoveries in this island:

Icon Name Description
Abandoned Ram Ranch.png Abandoned Ram Ranch The ubiquitous ovines generally identified as "rams" are actually a hybrid species of sheep that has spread throughout the Shattered Isles, filling the roles of now-extinct animals such as cattle. Valued for their hides, milk, meat, and companionship, domesticated rams can be found in almost all frontier settlements. Both males and females of the species grow horns, both for use in mating displays and for defense—horns that are quite good for knocking down fences. The real question: Who is the shepherd trying to raise rams on an island like this one?

Gallery[edit | edit source]