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The Treasure Patrol
Gregario Flynt
Gregario Flynt
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Gregario Flynt thinks you can best learn about Patrol Keys by using them for yourself. Take a few for free and use them on any Patrol Chests you find in the Hunting Grounds.

Objectives[ | ]

  • Use Patrol Key 4 times

Rewards[ | ]

On Accept

On Completion

Dialogue[ | ]

(Quest start)

Gregario Flynt: "Salutations, Slayer. I suspect you might be going on further excursions, and thought we might both be able to benefit from your explorations. And ultimately help every Slayer in the city. I'm speaking, of course of Patrol Chests and Patrol Keys".

Gregario Flynt: "We maintain a unique and ever-evolving economy here in Ramsgate And the Regent charges me with overseeing the import and export of the various currencies, tokens, merits... everything that keeps Slayers in business."

Gregario Flynt: "But they don't always stay abroad the ships carrying them for any number of reasons, these Patrol Chests are scattered all over the Hunting Grounds!"

Gregario Flynt: "Naturally they're aetherlocked, but these one-use Patrol Keys will crack them for you. Here, have a few free of charge! The contents of any patrol chests you find out there are yours. They were bound for the Slayer economy anyway, and I just dont want Corsairs to get hold of them.

(Complete objectives)

Gregario Flynt: "Welcome back! I see you've done some exploring. Used up those Patrol Keys I gave you? You may find more in your Daily Login Core, but I just so happen to have more of them for sale in the Store, if you're interested."

Gregario Flynt: "I'm no Slayer, but I know that I'd feel disappointed if I discovered a Patrol Chest and had to leave it unopened. And think of the Corsairs. The Corsairs, Slayer!. No, I most definitely would not leave Ramsgate without a few Patrol Keys."

(Quest complete)