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The Blazeworks
Blazeworks Background1
21 - 24
Guaranteed Behemoth
Local Flora
Local Ores
Island Events
Island Event Toxic Behavior IconPoison Personality
Island Event Melting Point IconInfernal Gaze
Island Event The Phaelanx Forge IconThe Phaelanx Forge

The Blazeworks is the 21st island in the Hunting Grounds.

Behemoths on this island are extremely powerful. Slay Behemoths and complete island events here to earn bonus weapon experience and aethersparks.

There is no guaranteed behemoth in The Blazeworks.

Description[ | ]

Technically "Blazeworks 17" to the Ostians, the Blazeworks were cast adrift after an industrial catastrophe tore the Ostian powerhouse from its chains. But this polluted landscape hides a burning secret Imperial Ostia will do anything to keep

Behemoths[ | ]

Icon Behemoth
Koshai Illustrated Framed Icon Koshai (Heroic)
Bloodshot Shrowd Illustrated Framed Icon Bloodshot Shrowd
Scorchstone Hellion Illustrated Framed Icon Scorchstone Hellion (Heroic)
Bloodfire Embermane Illustrated Framed Icon Bloodfire Embermane (Heroic)
Sporestruck Charrogg Illustrated Framed Icon Sporestruck Charrogg
Razorwing Kharabak Illustrated Framed Icon Razorwing Kharabak (Heroic)
Phaelanx Illustrated Framed Icon Phaelanx

Gatherables[ | ]

Icon Item Spawn Rarity
Dashleaf Icon 001 Dashleaf Uncommon
Ironthistle Icon 001 Ironthistle Common
Wrathwort Icon 001 Wrathwort Rare
Omnistone Icon 001 Omnistone Rare
Phoenix Opal Icon 001 Phoenix Opal Common

Island Events[ | ]

Icon Event Description
Island Event Toxic Behavior Icon Poison Personality Behemoths have been infected with poisonous terra aether, making their attacks toxic.
Island Event Firewatch Icon Infernal Gaze The island itself ruptures and spews fire. Dodge the fireballs and slay the Behemoths
Island Event The Phaelanx Forge Icon The Phaelanx Forge Turn valves to power up the Ostian forge and draw out a Phaelanx.

Journal Entries[ | ]

Discoveries in this island:

Icon Name Description
Abandoned Research Station Abandoned Research Station Someone has created a makeshift research station using whatever they could find. It looks abandoned Amidst loose pages full of frantic notes, one legible entry jumps out:

They said it couldn't be done, but it's too late to stop us now. When the forge lights, our work will be complete, and a new age will be ushered in. Praise Ostia!

Ostian Enforcers Ostian Enforcers No matter how hard you try, the two Ostian Enforcers refuse to acknowledge your presence. One thing is for certain: They're guarding something important below ground, and they have no time for your questions or games.
Disturbing Specimen Disturbing Specimen This appears to be a piece of a Shrike, suspended in a glass case.

All your foreknowledge says it should have dissipated to aether, but it holds firm. Oddly, it doesn't appear to have been severed from a host, but grown. It twiches now and then, clawing at an invisible foe.

Aether Extractor Aether Extractor A large device hisses and clunks as it harvests aether en masse.

Whatever work is happening below ground, it demands a large stores of energy. You feel the presence of machinery beneath your feet, grinding relentlessly away.

Supply Shipment Supply Shipment A large supply shipment has apparently been abandoned here, but looks recently delivered. Judging by the nearby ledger, this is just one shipment of many over the past few months. But who is receiving these shipments?

The workforce present on this island must be considerable. The notes outline lab equipment, food, clothing, weapons and more.

Gallery[ | ]