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Terra Cognition
Arkan Drew
Arkan Drew
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Descrption[ | ]

Summary[ | ]

Arkan Drew wants to determine if a terra wave is imminent.

Journal[ | ]

Arkan Drew has asked you to help him determine if a wave of terra aether is on the way to Ramsgate's new location. Join other Slayers in the community to collect wild mooncaps.

Objectives[ | ]

  • Gather Wild Mooncaps (50)
  • Community Goal: Collect wild mooncaps in the Umbral Deeps, in gathered wrathwort, or by completing bounties.

Rewards[ | ]

Dialogue[ | ]

(Quest Starts)

Arkan Drew: "There are many ways to know when aether levels are out of balance. After so many years I can almost feel it in my bones. An umbral connection weakens as a wave of terra looms."

Arkan Drew: "Perhaps there's a way to study the extent of what's in store while also performing good, old-fashioned science. First we must gather some wild mooncaps."

(Complete objectives)

Arkan Drew:"I've taken an initial look at what you've found. It's sobering. Wild mooncaps won't grow just anywhere, they require a steady supply of ambient aether to survive."

Arkan Drew:"A wave of terra is coming and no one can stop it. But we can prepare."

(Quest complete)

This quest will only be available for the duration of the Farslayer's Fall Hunt Pass