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Tempus Fugit
Arkan Drew
Arkan Drew

This Quest becomes available upon unlocking The Paradox Breaks on the Slayer's Path.

Description[ | ]

Summary[ | ]

Arkan Drew wants you to slay The Chronovore

Objectives[ | ]

  • Slay The Chronvore

Rewards[ | ]

Dialogue[ | ]

(Quest start)

Arkan Drew: "Everything is in place for your mission, Slayer. You have the chrono-stones and you know what to do-take them to the Paradox Breaks and use them to charge the Paradoxicon's Control Column."

Arkan Drew: "The Paradoxicon will then resonate at the right frequency to ensnare the Chronovore, at least for a short time-but long enough to kill it, I hope."

"And I hope even more that something as simple as killing the Chronovore will mean the end of this. But hope, as they say, is not a plan."

(Complete objectives)

Arkan Drew: "Amazing. Slayer, I cannoy quite explain what I am feeling right now. You simply have no context to match. No one does, save perhaps the Chronovore itself."

"You see, near as I can tell, when the Upheaval hit my specific position within the temporal breach, and I saw the Chronovore in all its terrible majesty, the confluence of energies somehow made every cell in my body immune to time. But now?"

Arkan Drew: "Something has changed. The perfect balance of time and space that has made me live forever has been ever-so-slightly...rebalanced. And that slight imbalance-caused, no doubt, by slaying the Chronovore-tells me we are on the right track, but still have much work to do.'"

Arkan Drew: "Since the Chronovore lives in the timestream, feeding constantly like a temporal baleen whale-I'll explain whales later-it also exists, at least partly, in every moment.

"Slayers may never be able to truly kills this Behemoth completely. But it's certainly worth a try."

(Quest complete)