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Template:WeaponSkin is a template used to create Weapon Skin pages and store them in the "WeaponSkins" cargo table. Cargo stores its data in a database table. Each time this template is called, it stores that page name and the template parameters in the database table, with a column for each relevant parameter. This table can then be queried using SQL components to display the data. Editors simply need to fill out the blank template below for any desired Weapon Skin page.


Blank Template



  • Icon (File) = File name without [[File: ]]. The preferred format can be found in the examples below.
  • Type (String) = Type of weapon (Allowed values = Aether Strikers, Axe, Chain Blades, Hammer, Ostian Repeaters, Sword, War Pike)
  • Rarity (String) = Rarity of the weapon skin (Allowed values = Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Artifact)
  • ObtainedFrom (Wikitext) = How to obtain the weapon skin. Standardization here is highly encouraged.
  • Description (Wikitext) = In-game description of the weapon skin.


Champion's Axe (add (Weapon Skin) to the page name is disambiguation is needed)

|Icon=Champion's Axe Icon 001.png
|ObtainedFrom=[[The Lucky Break]] for 1,000 {{Gilded Marks-}} (after finishing Top 100 in [[Trials]])
|Description=A golden axe for those who have earned gilded marks on the Island of Trials and won the title "Trials Champion."

Hullcutter Glaive (add (Weapon Skin) to the page name is disambiguation is needed)

|Icon=Hullcutter Glaive Icon 001.png
|Type=War Pike
|ObtainedFrom=[[Hunt Pass Season: Clear Skies]] Level 25 Elite reward
|Description=Despite the name it works equally well against Behemoths.

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