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  • Icon (File) = File name without [[File: ]]
  • Class (String) = Classification of flare, primarily used for querying. Allowed values = Event, Hunt Pass, Store, Partner, Special
  • Rarity (String) = Allowed values = Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Artifact
  • ObtainedFrom (Wikitext) = Wikitext that explain how to get the item
  • Description (Wikitext) = A string of text if one is present


|Icon=Axe Flare Icon.png
|ObtainedFrom=Purchased from the [[Store]] for {{Platinum}} 30
|Description=A custom flare to catch the eye of fellow Slayers during a hunt.
|Icon=Everbranch Flare Icon 001.png
|Class=Hunt Pass
|ObtainedFrom=[[Hunt Pass Season: Overgrowth]] Level 37 Elite reward
|Description=Life neither begins nor ends. It simply grows.