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Template:Banner is a template used to create Banner pages and store them in the "Banners" cargo table. This template is used for Fabrics, Standards, Sigils, and Plant Animations. Cargo stores its data in a database table. Each time this template is called, it stores that page name and the template parameters in the database table, with a column for each relevant parameter. This table can then be queried using SQL components to display the data. Editors simply need to fill out the blank template below for any desired Banner page.


Blank Template



  • Icon (File) = File for the item icon without [[File: ]]. Preferred file naming convention is {{PAGENAME}} Icon.png
  • AnimationGif (File) = Plant Animations only. File for the animation if there is an official version. Gifs can easily be created using the official MP4's and gfycat. Preferred file naming convention is {{PAGENAME}} Animation.gif.
  • Type (String) = Banner item type. Allowed values are Sigil, Fabric, Standard, Plant Animation. Only use one value.
  • Rarity (String) = Rarity of the item. Allowed values are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Artifact
  • ObtainedFrom (Wikitext string) = How to obtain the item. When listing Hunt Pass items, preferred formatting is like this: Hunt Pass Season: Clear Skies Level 30 Free reward
  • Description (String) = The in-game description of the item. The MediaWiki parser will not parse wikitext in this field.


Desert Cyclone (add (Plant Animation) or other appropriate Type to the page name if disambiguation is needed)

|Icon=Desert Cyclone Icon.png
|AnimationGif=Desert Cyclone Animation.gif
|Type=Plant Animation
|ObtainedFrom=[[Hunt Pass Season: Searing Talons]] Level 48 Elite reward
|Description=The swirling sands mark the arrival of a Blaze Hawk.