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Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum can be purchased in the store using real money.

Platinum Total Cost
Platinum Icon 001.png 500 Platinum Icon 001.png 500 $4.99 $7.99 $6.99 £3.99 €4.99
Platinum Icon 001.png 1,000 (+150 Bonus) Platinum Icon 001.png 1,150 $9.99 $14.99 $12.99 £7.99 €8.99
Platinum Icon 001.png 2,500 (+650 Bonus) Platinum Icon 001.png 3,150 $24.99 $37.99 $30.99 £19.99 €22.99
Platinum Icon 001.png 5,000 (+1,700 Bonus) Platinum Icon 001.png 6,700 $49.99 $74.99 $61.99 £38.99 €44.99
Platinum Icon 001.png 10,000 (+4,000 Bonus) Platinum Icon 001.png 14,000 $99.99 $149.99 $122.99 £76.99 €89.99

Some bundles containing Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum can be purchased as well.

Name Cost Contains
Oculus Umbra Booster Bundle $4.99 $7.99 $6.99 £3.99 €4.99 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x600), Oculus Umbra Lantern Icon 001.pngOculus Umbra, Escalation boost.png7-day Escalation Boost, Bounty Token Icon.pngBounty Tokens (x5)
Timely Arrival Pack $4.99 $7.99 $6.99 £3.99 €4.99 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x1,000), Timely Arrival Icon.pngTimely Arrival, Ace Chips Icon 001.pngAce Chips (x50), Common Cells (x3), Rare Cells (x2), Tonic Bundle
The Unseen Arrival Pack $14.99 $22.99 $18.99 £11.99 €14.99 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x1,800), The Unseen (Hunt Arrival) Icon.pngThe Unseen (Hunt Arrival), Grinning Rictus Icon 001.pngGrinning Rictus, Patrol Chest Icon.pngPatrol Chests (x25), +1 Fortress Cell (x2), +1 Conditioning Cell (x2), +1 Cunning Cell (x2), +1 Knockout King Cell (x2), Frenzy Tonic Icon 001.pngFrenzy Tonic (x25), Blitz Tonic Icon 001.pngBlitz Tonic (x25), Bulwark Tonic Icon 001.pngBulwark Tonic (x15), Stamina Tonic Icon 001.pngStamina Tonic (x15), Ironhide Pylon Icon 001.pngIronhide Pylon (x10), Lifespring Pylon Icon 001.pngLifespring Pylon (x10), Ace Chips Icon 001.pngAce Chips (x100)
Arcslayer Pack $39.99 ??? ??? ??? €39.99 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x5,400), Arcslayer Helmet Icon.pngArcslayer Helmet, Arcslayer Jacket Icon.pngArcslayer Jacket, Arcslayer Gauntlets Icon.pngArcslayer Gauntlets, Arcslayer Greaves Icon.pngArcslayer Greaves, Arcslayer Torch Icon 001.pngArcslayer Torch, Standard, Fabric, Sigil, Flare, Ace Chips Icon 001.pngAce Chips (x100), +2 Aetherhunter Cell, +2 Cunning Cell, +2 Conditioning Cell, +3 Predator Cell
The Unseen Style Pack $99.99 $149.99 $122.99 £76.99 €89.99 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x14,000), Unseen Visage Icon.pngUnseen Visage, Unseen Doublet Icon.pngUnseen Doublet, Unseen Protectors Icon.pngUnseen Protectors, Unseen Bindings Icon.pngUnseen Bindings, Grinning Rictus Icon 001.pngGrinning Rictus, Standard, Fabric, Flare, Sigil, The Unseen Emote Icon.pngThe Unseen (Emote), Dauntless Title Icon 001.pngUnseen One (Title)

Supporter Packs[]

Offered at the start of Open Beta (May 24th 2018 ~ Somewhere after Open Beta) Prices 25/04/2019

Name Cost Contents
Supporter Pack Support Pack Supporter Coin Icon.png $34.99 USD/ €22.99 Ramsguard Watchlight, Ramsguard Banner Fabric, Ramsguard Banner Sigil, Supporter Flare, 3150 Platinum Not funny, Didnt Laugh
Recruit Pack Support Pack Recruit Coin Icon.png $59.99 USD/ €44.99 Ramsguard War Helm, Ramsguard Banner Stand, Recruit Title, Supporter Pack Content, 6700 Platinum
Commander Pack Support Pack Commander Coin Icon.png $99.99 USD/€89.99 Commander Armor Set, Commander Title, Recruit Pack Content, 14000 Platinum


Slayer Starter Pack[]

Supply Packs[]

Name Cost Contents
Combat Essentials Supply Pack Platinum 60 Stamina Tonic (x15), Frenzy Tonic (x20), Blitz Tonic (x20)
Assault Supply Pack Assault Tonic (x25), Insight Tonic (x25), Inspiring Pylon (x10)
Support Supply Pack Lifespring Pylon (x10), Ironhide Pylon (x10), Lifedrain Tonic (x20)
Defender Supply Pack Bulwark Tonic (x15), Ironhide Pylon (x10), Aetherdrive Tonic (x20)
Airstrike Beacons Airstrike Beacon (x5)

Patron Boost[]

Reputation XP Boost Icon.png

Boost you reputation and quest XP gains by 25%. If fellow slayers also have this effect they will add 5% to the total XP modifier, for a total of +40% XP.

Days Cost
1 Platinum 60
3 Platinum 150
30 Platinum 300

Guild Charter[]

Costs 300 Platinum and allows the Slayer to create their own guild.

Customization Options[]

Armour Skins


Hunt Arrivals



Lantern Skins


Weapon Skins