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Status, or status effects, are the unique effects caused by each element in Dauntless.

They can improve your chances of bringing down a Behemoth, or spell doom for any Slayer not wary of its strength. Behemoths are immune to the elemental status effect they are strong against.

Blinded[ | ]

Players can be Blinded by Behemoth Radiant attacks or environmental effects. Inflicted by Valomyr (head beam attack) and Rezakiri (Radiant prison and Exit attack).

Currently, Behemoths cannot be Blinded.

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Chilled[ | ]

The Chilled status effect is caused by Frost attacks. This slows your movement speed for a few seconds. This status effect can also affect Behemoths.

Frost-type Behemoths like Dreadfrost Boreus can inflict this effect on slayers.

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Corrupted[ | ]

Status effect inflicted by the Shrowd and rarely Riftstalker. It drains your health and stamina over a long period of time and attacking the Behemoth removes it.

Currently, Behemoths cannot be afflicted with Corrupted.

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Crippling Wound[ | ]

Inflicted by Ragetail Gnasher (tail swipe and belly dash attacks) and Razorwing Kharabak (any claw attack and the ranged slash attack) on Heroic difficulty. Same as the Wounds status effect but it also reduces your maximum stamina by about 40%, making it much harder to maintain your stamina above zero to prevent the damage. Like the Wounds, it can be cured by any form of healing or by staying still for four seconds. Upon removal, you regain your maximum stamina back but you will not instantly recover the stamina that was removed by the status itself (you will be at 60% stamina of your original maximum stamina and regeneration will kick in). Caution is advised as the behemoth's large damage output plus the damage from the status itself due to the Slayer not paying attention to stamina can quickly bring any Slayer from 100% health to 10-20% (depending on max health) in a matter of seconds.

Currently, Behemoths cannot be afflicted with Crippling Wound.

Shocked[ | ]

The Shocked status effect is caused by Shock attacks. This effect which will electrify the target and prevent Slayers from performing actions like using supplies, healing from aether vents, and reviving other slayers. Equipping an Insulated cell reduces the duration of the status effect and at +6, makes you completely immune to shocked status. Shocked can be cleared by attacking anything non-terrain or environment — this includes ranged attacks, including Axe throws.

When a Behemoth is affected by Shock, they rear up in a special animation and then fall to the ground. Good in team-play.

Shock-type Behemoths such as Drask, Nayzaga, as well as their respective Dire and Heroic versions can inflict this effect.

One more thing to note is that Behemoths like Nayzaga and Stormclaw can be afflicted with Shock through special means. With Nayzaga, you can shock it by destroying the circle of five spikes that it fires off when it becomes Aether-Charged. Stormclaw can be shocked by batting back the electric orbs it fires with a well timed attack.

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On Fire[ | ]

The On Fire status effect is caused by Blaze attacks or by walking inside lava pools or fire trails left by behemoths. This effect ignites the Slayer, dealing damage over time. Slayers can reduce the duration of this effect by rolling (it takes 4 rolls to completely remove the status effect the moment it affects you). Picking up molten hearts dropped by Hellion as well as equipping Molten and Fireproof cells can help by either reducing the duration or making you completely immune to the status effect.

Blaze-type Behemoths, such as Charrogg, Embermane, Hellion, as well as their respective Dire and Heroic versions can inflict this effect.

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Wounded[ | ]

The Wounded status effect makes the Slayer take increased damage, and increases stamina consumption. This status can be removed by standing still for four seconds or healing (from any source, including lifesteal).

Inflicted by Kharabak, Razorwing Kharabak, Frostback Pangar, Ragetail Gnasher, Moonreaver Shrike and Koshai.

Currently, Behemoths cannot be afflicted with Wounded.

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Swarm[ | ]

The Swarm status causes a very small amount of damage over time, and also interferes with sprinting, attacking (and possibly other actions).

Kharabak inflicts this when Slayers come in contact with the swarm of bees that it periodically summons. The status can be removed via any attack and can also be removed off of other Slayers. Axe and Repeater players may need help of others to do it. Repeater players can do so by unloading the Salvo Chamber's skillshot ability directly below their feet.

Note that when swarmed, the swarm of insects will tank some hits. It is advised to stay clear of the tail and back legs and focus on breaking the head and front claws (if not broken already). Alternatively, if your attack speed is high enough, you will constantly disperse the swarm if you're using moves like the War Pike's heavy attack combos or either of the Chain Blades' Swinging Blades or Blade Spin combos, allowing you to attack the Kharabak wherever you like.

Currently, Behemoths cannot be afflicted with Swarm.

Debuff Swarm Icon 001

Terra-Status Effect[ | ]

Currently, only Behemoths can be affected with this status effect.

When a Behemoth is affected by this status effect, their body will glow with Terra-Aether and will have Terra swirls similiar to that of the Rockfall Skarn when it raises rock pillars out of the ground. They will also have health orbs pop out of it that provide minor healing every time the affected Behemoth is hit. These orbs will slowly home in on the nearest injured Slayer and will hover in the air for several seconds when all nearby Slayers are at max health.