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Sporestruck Charrogg
Island(s) Located

Sporestruck Charrogg is one of the Behemoths in Dauntless. It is a variant of charogg

Journal Entry[]

"l just need a tiny sample from one. Do you have any idea how many rams we could make if these fit inside a terrarium? I'm sure Granny can figure out how to make then non-toxic." — Honest Ozz Considering its tendency to burrow into the molten rock beneath its stocky feet, it's little wonder the Charrogg is susceptible to the effects of Agaric spores and those spores are especially potent when infecting blaze-feeding Behemoths for reasons not yet clearly understood. The end result, however, is the subspecies the Orrery classifies as the Sporestruck Charrogg.

With the massive, bulky body of an ordinary Charrogg but the twisted, terra-steeped body armour common to Agaric spore infection, this toxic subspecies spews poison and noxious gas the way its fiery kin spew fireballs and flame jets. The Farslayers of Arbourhome believe it is a protective, maternal figure to the other terra-twisted creatures found in the Blight, rarely failing to erupt from the tainted swamps when its home is threatened. Surprisingly, this behaviour is less common in those few specimens spotted outside the Blight. Dr. Priyani hypothesizes the proximity of the Agarus itself influences all Sporestruck Behemoths.

Kat’s Hunting Tips:

-The Sporestruck Charrogg manipulates and metabolizes terra aether as easily as its fiery forebear wields blaze. When aether-charged, the Sporestruck subspecies vents jets of poisonous gas that linger on the battlefield. Choose where you make your stand carefully, and be ready to move at a moment's notice.

-They can launch "spore shots" at range. These projectiles erupt on impact, leaving more poison clouds to deal with as the Sporestruck Charrogg closes in for a tail swipe or body slam.

Drop Table[]

Name Obtained From
Charrogg Scale Icon 001.png Charrogg Scale Slay
Smoldering Firebrand Scale Icon 001.png Smoldering Firebrand Scale
Lumbering Flamesoul Shard Icon 001.png Lumbering Flamesoul Shard
Smoldering Horn Icon 001.png Smoldering Horn Break Head
Burned Gillhide Icon 001.png Burned Gillhide Break Firesac
Scorched Rockhide Icon 001.png Sporestruck Rockhide Break Leg
Smoldering Tailspike Icon 001.png Smoldering Tailspike Sever Tail


This Behemoth has no modifiers.


Sporestruck Charroggs can be found on the following Islands and in Terra Escalation.

Icon Island Level Guaranteed Behemoth Available Behemoths
Island Icon 002.png
7 - 10
Pangar Illustrated Full Icon.png Pangar Pangar Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Pangar Dreadfrost Boreus Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Dreadfrost Boreus Deepfrost Skarn Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Deepfrost Skarn Deadeye Quillshot Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Deadeye Quillshot Sporestruck Charrogg Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Sporestruck Charrogg Deepfrost Gnasher Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Deepfrost Gnasher
Island Icon 005.png
Fortune's Folly
9 - 12
Kharabak Illustrated Full Icon.png Kharabak Kharabak Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Kharabak Sporestruck Charrogg Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Sporestruck Charrogg Frostback Pangar Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Frostback Pangar Moonreaver Shrike Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Moonreaver Shrike Deadeye Quillshot Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Deadeye Quillshot
Island Icon Blazeworks.png
The Blazeworks
21 - 24
None Koshai Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Koshai (Heroic) Bloodshot Shrowd Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Bloodshot Shrowd Scorchstone Hellion Illustrated Trimmed Image.png Scorchstone Hellion (Heroic) Bloodfire Embermane Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Bloodfire Embermane (Heroic) Sporestruck Charrogg Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Sporestruck Charrogg Razorwing Kharabak Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Razorwing Kharabak (Heroic)

Attack Patterns[]

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