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Spore Problems
Granny Strega
Granny Strega
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Description[ | ]

Summary[ | ]

Granny Strega wants your help collecting a strange new Alchemical ingredient.

Journal[ | ]

Ramsgate's resident alchemist Granny Strega will be joining you on an expedition to the terra-saturated islands of the Arbourhome Blight. There she hopes to get your help gathering Agaric spores—the kind that turn ordinary Behemoths into the Sporestruck variety—that she can safely transport back to Ramsgate. There she has plans for some powerful new tonics as long as her supply of spores hold out.

Objectives[ | ]

Complete the hunt "Spore Problems"

Rewards[ | ]

Dialogue[ | ]

(Quest start)

Granny Strega: "Those poor Farslayers. Their Arbourhome's a moldy ruin now, and that is a real tragedy. But their loss could be my—our—opportunity! That's right, I'll be joining you on the expedition to what's left of those Farslayer islands."

Granny Strega: "It's the Agaric spores, sweetie. Those islands are lousy with 'em! You to do the gathering, and I'll make sure they get back to Ramsgate safe and sound and without turning anyone into Sporestruck monsters. Come see me when we get there, hmm?

(Complete objectives)

Granny Strega: "That was a bit more adventure than I usually sign up for! Well, not since husband number five convinced me to take up sky boarding for all of five minutes. The speed at which he struck that island... POW! Ha ha ha ... hrm."

Granny Strega: "Let me get myself recombobulated, dearie, and see what I can do with these spores. I can smell the profits already! Or maybe that's the spores. Yes, definitely the spores. Suppose you'll want to run along now!"

(Quest complete)