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The Slayer’s Path is the primary progression system in Dauntless. It features milestones with branching nodes that unlock new game modes, islands, weapon and armour upgrades, inventory slots, and more.

Milestones[ | ]

Icon Milestone Title Description Branches
Milestone I Icon I The Shattered Isles Your journey as a slayer begins. Learn to hunt, slay and survive. Training Island and Emberthorn Cove
Milestone II Icon II Hunter, Crafter Cage a Behemoth's power and craft a mighty weapon. Boreal Outpost, Revelation Rock and Weapon smithing & upgrades
Milestone III Icon III Slayer's Armour Forge your fallen foes into the armour you will need to triumph in the hunt. Restless Sands, Iron Falls, Gliders and Armour crafting & upgrades
Milestone IV Icon IV Forge & Formula Explore and gather to gain mastery over the craft of Alchemy. Sunderstone, Aulric's Peak, Loadout Slots and Tonic crafting & upgrades
Milestone V Icon V Light the Way Uncover new Alchemical solutions and craft Lanterns to empower you in battle. Frostmarch, Weapon mods & specials, and Lantern crafting
Milestone VII Icon VI Dread Cells An unusual ally reveals new tools for taking on the Behemoth threat. Thunderwatch, Fortune's Folly, Normal Escalations, The Middleman and advanced Tonic crafting & upgrades
Milestone VI Icon VII Elemental Mastery Your exposure to the Aether makes you more resilient. Resist the elements, nothing stands before the hunt. Brightwood, Conundrum Rocks, Omnicell crafting and Elemental Resistance upgrades
Milestone VIII Icon VIII Slayer Science New alchemical devices give you an edge against your enemy. Strategy, timing, and planning become ever more crucial to your success. Coldrunner Key, The Snowblind Waste and Pylon crafting & upgrades
Milestone IX Icon IX Edge of the Isles Travel beyond and face frightening new enemies. Undervald Defile, Gathering upgrades and Glider upgrades
Milestone X Icon X Witness the Sands The denizens of these dunes will test you. Fight back. Cape Fury, Hades Reach and Grenade crafting & upgrades
Milestone XI Icon XI Testament of Skill Few have made it this far. Be proud slayer. You are among legends. Razorcliff Isle, The Paradox Breaks, Twilight Sanctuary and Normal Trials
Milestone XII Icon XII Reforged The pinnacle of skill, you are ready for almost any hunt. Yet there is still much to learn and master. The Blazeworks, Dauntless Trials, Hard and Heroic Escalations, XP Banking and Weapon Reforge Empowerments


Unlock Reforge When you reach level 20 in a Weapon Skill you can take 100 Aethersparks, visit the Spark Forge and condense the essence of the sparks into an Aetherheart. The process will reforge your Weapon Skill, bringing it back to level 1. The ability to Reforge, Gauntlet mode