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Shadowtouched Nayzaga
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Shadowtouched Nayzaga is one of the Behemoths in Dauntless. It is a variant of Nayzaga.

Journal Entry[ | ]

"The Umbral Void seems to resonate with the shock bandwidth of the aetheric spectrum in ways the ancients never described in the surviving texts. Perhaps they never had the chance to jot that down."

- Arkan Drew

Umbral aether seems to have an unusual attachment to the opposing powers of shock and terra. A subspecies of Nayzaga that evolved within the Umbral Deeps to feed solely on charged umbral power, the Shadowtouched Nayzaga has adapted to the weird dimensional energy of its environment to open portals into the Umbral Void. There it somehow spawns a dark shadow of itself, sending that creation back through the portal before emerging to strike its distracted enemies.

A Shadowtouched Nayzaga has no weakness to terra, nor is it resistant to shock. The subspecies is purely an umbral Behemoth now.

Kat's Hunting Tips:

- When moving through portals, the Shadowtouched Nayzaga is briefly vulnerable to staggering hits. Land a strike when the creature is visible to knock it out of this behaviour pattern.

- The Shadowtouched Nayzaga creates shadow clones of itself to use as decoys when using its portals. The clones alternate with the actual Behemoth, so if you are trying to ambush the beast be sure you're hitting the right one. The true Behemoth will be much more colourful.

Drop Table[ | ]

Guaranteed Drops[ | ]

Icon Name Obtained From
Nayzaga Chitin Icon 001 Nayzaga Chitin Slay
Rams Icon 001 Rams


Shocktooth Icon 001 Shadowtouched Shocktooth Break Head
Sparkclaw Icon 001 Sparkclaw Break Limbs
Sparkspine Icon 001 Sparkspine Sever Tail

Loot Rolls[ | ]

Icon Name Obtained From
Nayzaga Chitin Icon 001 Nayzaga Chitin Slay
Conductive Shockspine Icon 001 Conductive Shockspine
Shockheart Shard Icon 001 Shockheart Shard

-Upon Behemoth kill, you're granted 5 Loot Rolls.

-For each part break, you gain an additional Loot Roll

-Note, that the Kill & Break has a different Loot Table

- Source: [1]

Modifiers[ | ]

This Behemoth has no modifiers.

Islands[ | ]

Shadowtouched Nayzagas can be found on the following Islands and in Umbral Escalation.

Icon Island Level Guaranteed Behemoth Available Behemoths
Island Icon 002
The Snowblind Waste
12 - 15
Riftstalker Illustrated Full Icon Riftstalker Riftstalker Illustrated Trimmed Icon Riftstalker Shadowtouched Nayzaga Illustrated Trimmed Icon Shadowtouched Nayzaga Winterhorn Skraev Illustrated Trimmed Icon Winterhorn Skraev Shockjaw Nayzaga (Heroic) Illustrated Trimmed Icon Shockjaw Nayzaga (Heroic) Deadeye Quillshot (Heroic) Illustrated Trimmed Icon Deadeye Quillshot (Heroic) Deepfrost Gnasher Illustrated Trimmed Icon Deepfrost Gnasher

Attack Patterns[ | ]

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