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Seismic Contract: All the Admiral's Bounties
Janek Zai
Janek Zai

Description[ | ]

Summary[ | ]

Admiral Zai wants you to complete bounties to prepare for the battles ahead.

Journal[ | ]

The Ostian Admiral Zai is convinced greater dangers than ever are approaching from the heart of the Maelstrom. To prepare for the fights to come, he has recommended you complete bounties while there's still time.

Objectives[ | ]

  • Complete 10 bounties

Rewards[ | ]

  • Hunt Pass XP (x200)
  • Seismic Intel (x3)

Dialogue[ | ]

(Quest start)

Janek Zai: "Are you really ready for what's coming, Slayer? I hope so. You'll need to train and prepare like never before."

Janek Zai: "Take on some bounties to keep yourself in peak condition and I'll see about arranging a few bonuses to add to those bounties."

(Complete Objective)

Janek Zai: "No one is ever completely ready for everything the future will bring, but the extra training you've gotten from those bounties will ensure you're more prepared than most."

Janek Zai: "And I hope you'll find your bonuses to be useful. I suspect you're going to need them."

(Quest Completed)

This quest will only be available for the duration of the Rogue Elements Hunt Pass