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City[ | ]

- Lantern Posts Near Blacksmith[ | ]

It is possible to jump onto these, line yourself up on the side along with the lantern, jump directly up and press forward into the lantern/post. If you do it right your character will pull them selves up with their hands. Once you are in the air turn your character towards the roof otherwise it will jump over the post.

There is one post on the corner of the weapon smith shop that can't be jumped onto using the side method, this one you need to stand at one of the corners of the post then slowly walk inwards into the post/lantern on a 45 degree angle, once you are close enough to the lantern but not too close you jump directly up and press forward (if you do it right your character will pull them selves up with their hands). Adjust your character in air so that it doesn't fall off the top (turn into roof)


- Overhang roof at Katerin Sorrel shop[ | ]

You can jump onto this, even though it seems impossible, just jump close but not too close or too far and/while pressing forward and you should hop right up. It might just be me but the right side of the overhang seems to be higher and harder to do this on, but I tested and it should be possible on all parts of the overhang roof.


- Goat Jump[ | ]

You can jump on top of a Goat and bounce indefinitely.

- Hidden rock over waterfall cave entrance[ | ]

Just outside the cave entrance there is the a ridge to the right with water streaming down it, you can hop up there(may need to sprint jump from left ledge or ledge behind) and if you walk into the stream you will find yourself concealed under the stream and standing on a rock ledge.

- Tree Jump/s near Gaius Copperwheel[ | ]

Go east from Arkan Drew and up the first wooden staircase, you will see a small tree to the right of the second wooden staircase, this tree you can jump on, then onto the roof(impossible to get on otherwise I believe), then onto another tree, then from that tree you can even jump over a spiky fence(but it doesn't take you out of bounds). To jump on the first tree go up the staircase right next to it then jump on top of the railing, if you are standing on the corner of the railings then you will see right in front of you/slightly to the right a Y branch, hop onto that(and stop your character from moving if needed), now that you are standing on the tree you can hop straight over to the roof in front(sprint jump not necessary but might help). Once you are on the roof you will notice all the sides are enclosed in invisible walls. To the east you will see a tall tree, you can sprint or sprint jump onto this then hop a second time to get to the top where you can safely stand. You can walk further along the main north eastern branch to almost the end of it and jump over the spiky fence at the north east(this doesn't go out of bounds). When you are on the second tree you are clearly visible from Gaius Copperwheel so you can tell your friends to go up there for the surprise.


Hunts[ | ]

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Notes[ | ]

  • Some of these jumps are quite good for showing off to other players since they won't be able to easily find their way up without help(lantern posts and tree jumps near Gaius in particular)
  • Please be nice and show curious players how to do these jumps if they ask/are trying to figure it out