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Note: Not to be confused with seasonal events

Seasons in Dauntless refer to the theme on which patch updates are released. Each season spans the length of two hunt passes. Each season introduces a Reward Cache refresh, seasonal currency and two hunt passes to complete, along with a variety of new features to enrich gameplay.

Patches[ | ]

Phoenix Labs introduces new content to the game over multiple patches frequently. Each patch is aimed at increasing the game's depth in its lore, variety of Behemoths and/or gameplay experiences. All patches released during a season are tied to the theme of the season and are numbered accordingly (for example, the Infinite Radiance season had patches numbered as 1.6.X).

Seasonal Currency[ | ]

Please see this page on seasonal currency for more details.

Each season, a new time-limited seasonal currency is introduced which can be spent in the Reward Cache to get Armour Skins, Weapon Skins, consumables, Currencies and items from previous hunt passes. This seasonal currency can be obtained and used only during the season in which they were introduced. This currency cannot be converted or carried over when the next season begins.

Reward Cache Refresh[ | ]

The Reward Cache refreshes at the start of every season. It receives a fresh batch of Armour Skins and Weapon Skins based on the season's theme. Consumables, Currencies and items from previous hunt passes are also available for purchase in exchange for seasonal currency.

List of Seasons[ | ]

Season Name Seasonal Currency Hunt Passes Start Date End Date Patch Numbers
Infinite Radiance Ancient Coin IconAncient Coin Time Strike
Echoes of the Future
2021-04-08 2021-07-08 1.6.X
Heroes of Ostia Ostian Coin IconOstian Coin Wild Thunder
Ostigaard Justice
2021-07-08 2021-10-14 1.7.X