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Rumours are series of quests that give unique rewards at the end of its completion.


Rumours can be obtained during Events or Behemoths (heroic or above). Each behemoth has, at least, one rumour related to it (dyes) but some behemoths may have extra rumours for armor/weapon cosmetics.


Most of them are divided in 7 quest ( I to VII ) with 1-5 task. Task are divided in types, where the slayer may need to achieve one or many times the same objetive. The task can be:

  • Reagent's delivery
  • Slaying behemoths
  • Completing misions
  • Obtaining hunt pass XP
  • Using certain weapons/dealing a certain amount of DMG with it
  • Slaying behemoths without passing self-damage treshold
  • Breaking a behemoth part
  • Evading projectiles/attacks

Players can complete them for free, but some quest can be skipped paying a fee of platinum between 150 and 200.

There is an exception with Dyes Rumours, that take only 2 quest.

Weapon Rumours[]

Weapon Name Icon Unlock Method YT Link
Exquisite Sunburn Sword Automatic
Isgryth Hamar Hammer N/A
Thorns of Dusk Strikers Automatic
Shadow Scythe Axe Break the head of an enraged Bloodshot Shrowd
Long Shot Warpike Break tusk of Enraged Flameborn Quillshot on Blazeworks