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Shocking Developments
Xelya the Farslayer
Dr. Shaed Priyani
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Description[ | ]

Summary[ | ]

Xelya the Farslayer wants you to slay a Thunderdeep Drask in the Hunting Grounds.

Objectives[ | ]

  • Slay Thunderdeep Drask

Rewards[ | ]

Dialogue[ | ]

(Quest start)

Xelya the Farslayer: "Slayer. The doctor saw something strange on Cape Fury. Ancient. Big. Something from the past. Hope she isn't right."

Xelya the Farslayer: "No more talk. She wants us to track it down. Go. Do what you do best. What we do. Strike the Thunderdeep Drask down. Report your findings to Priyani once its done."

(Complete objectives)

Dr. Shaed Priyani: "Did you find it? Is it destroyed? Then it is as i feared. The Thunderdeep Drask is back. I didn't want to believe the stories or even my own eyes, but now you offer irrefutable proof of its existence."

Dr. Shaed Priyani: "I doubt there was just one. If you see more, wipe them out. In time, and with your help, we may drive them back to the brink of extinction once again."

(Quest complete)