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Riftstalker (Heroic)
Riftstalker (Heroic) Illustrated Full Icon
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Riftstalker (Heroic) is one of the Behemoths in Dauntless. It is a variant of Riftstalker.

Drop Table[ | ]

Guaranteed Drops[ | ]

Icon Name Obtained From
Rifthide Icon 001 Rifthide Slay
Rams Icon 001 Rams


Apex Riftfang Icon 001 Apex Riftfang Break Head
Rending Voidclaw Icon 001 Rending Voidclaw Break Leg
Nightbringer Riftspike Icon 001 Nightbringer Riftspike Sever Tail
Riftborn Dye Icon 001 Riftborn Dye (Rumour) Break Head (while Aether-charged)

Loot Rolls[ | ]

Icon Name Obtained From
Rifthide Icon 001 Rifthide Slay
Unstable Nullhide Icon 001 Unstable Nullhide
Riftsoul Shard Icon 001 Riftsoul Shard

-Upon Behemoth kill, you're granted 5 Loot Rolls.

-For each part break, you gain an additional Loot Roll

-Note, that the Kill & Break has a different Loot Table

- Source: [1]

Modifiers[ | ]

Icon Modifiers Description
Heroic Icon 001 Heroic Behemoths are tougher and deal more damage.
Chaotic Void Icon 001 Chaotic Void Attacks in Riftstalker's void rift are more varied.

Islands[ | ]

Riftstalkers (Heroic) can be found on the following Islands.

Icon Island Level Guaranteed Behemoth Available Behemoths
Island Icon 006
Twilight Sanctuary
17 - 20
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Attack Patterns[ | ]

Coming Soon™

Gallery[ | ]