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Revenant is one of the Omnicells in Dauntless.

Details[ | ]

Passive: Lifesteal +2%. When Revenant state ends, each stack of Void Energy grants 115 health per second for 10 seconds.

Active: Active: Drain up to 500 health to enter Revenant state and spawn a Void Orb. For every 100 health drained, summon an Umbral Tendril that deals 700 umbral damage. If an Umbral Tendril hits a target, it spawns an additional Void Orb upon impact. Picking up a Void Orb grants a stack of Void Energy, which gives +4% damage and extends Revenant state by 1 second. Revenant state lasts for 15 seconds and prevents all healing. 10 second cooldown.

Obtainable From[ | ]

Revenant is unlocked in the Slayer's Path

Crafting[ | ]

Icon Name Obtained from
Shocktooth Icon 001(x2) Shadowtouched Shocktooth A common drop from the Head of a Shadowtouched Nayzaga
Shadowtouched Sparkscale(x5) Shadowtouched Sparkscale A Common drop from the Leg of a Shadowtouched Drask
Icon bloodshot shrowd tenebrous tailplume(x2) Tenebrous Tailplume A drop from the tail of an aether-charged Bloodshot Shrowd
Phoenix Opal Icon 001(x15) Phoenix Opal An ingredient in many potions and aetheric devices
Rams Icon 001(x1.5k) Rams The common currency of the Shattered Isles.
Twisted Shadowspur Icon 001(x4) Twisted Shadowspur A common drop from the Leg of any Shrowd
Unstable Nullhide Icon 001(x1) Unstable Nullhide A Rare drop from slaying any Riftstalker