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Restless Sands
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3 - 5
Guaranteed Behemoth
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Island Events
Island Event Blast Zone IconBlast Zone
Island Event Aether Surge IconAether Surge

Restless Sands is the 4th island in the Hunting Grounds.

Description[ | ]

A dry, sandy landmass with rich mineral deposits and richer archonite formations deep beneath its surface. The interplay of archonite and other materials may be what pushes so many minerals to the top. The island remains unsuitable for settlement, at least as long as Behemoths thrive here.

Behemoths[ | ]

Icon Behemoth
Lesser Drask Illustrated Framed Icon Lesser Drask
Lesser Embermane Illustrated Framed Icon Lesser Embermane
Lesser Quillshot Illustrated Framed Icon Lesser Quillshot
Quillshot Illustrated Framed Icon Quillshot

Gatherables[ | ]

Icon Item Spawn Rarity
Skybloom Icon 001 Skybloom Uncommon
Phoenix Opal Icon 001 Phoenix Opal Common
Omnistone Icon 001 Omnistone Rare

Island Events[ | ]

Icon Event Description
Island Event Blast Zone Icon Blast Zone Avoid surges of shock aether and slay any Behemoths and creatures.
Island Event Aether Surge Icon Aether Surge Aether surges are a common occurrence across the Hunting Grounds, attracting powerful Behemoths and other hostile creatures.

Journal Entries[ | ]

Discoveries in this island:

Icon Name Description
Unoccupied Slayer Camp Unoccupied Slayer Camp A Slayer camp is rarely left abandoned, and it appears the Slayers who set up camp here intended to return soon. The hunting party may have run into unexpected trouble - trouble that could still be waiting elsewhere on the island of Restless Sands.

Gallery[ | ]