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Reforging is a mechanic in Dauntless that resets a weapon's skill level to gain permanent buffs in the Slayer's Path and Aetherhearts Icon.png Aetherheart. This can be done at the Sparkforge, located in front of Katerin Sorrel. To Reforge a weapon skill, the weapon's skill must be at level 20. Reforging the weapon skill costs 100 Aethersparks Icon.png Aethersparks and will reset the weapon skill to level 1. However, an Aetherhearts Icon.png Aetherheart will be generated. Aetherhearts Icon.png Aetherheart are used to power surge weapons and armour, unlocking their full potential by granting a power/resistance increase and maximizing the perk as well as unique effect. You can also spend 200 Aethersparks Icon.png Aethersparks to get an Aetherhearts Icon.png Aetherheart without resetting any weapon skill, however this will not count towards a reforge on the Slayer's Path.

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