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Ramsgiving is a seasonal event in Dauntless. It corresponds to the real-world celebration of Thanksgiving.

Lore[ | ]

"Many places in many worlds have seasons of reflection. Times when our focus rests not on the larger struggles in our lives, but on the small, sustaining bits of light that carry us through our days. The people who love us. The moments that nourish us. The beauty of nature. And, of course, the rams."
~ From the Dauntless website

"For the ram-loving denizens of Ramsgate, Ramsgiving is a special time of reflection, gratitude, and good cheer. City folk enjoy celebrating this season by dressing up as rams and indulging in all kinds of ovine-themed festivities."
~ From the Dauntless website

"From city name to local currency, Ramsgate is a city that truly embodies its eponym, the ram. Each year, as the weather cools and winter approaches, residents of the ram-loving city reflect upon all of the things they are thankful for. This light-hearted and cheery season has city folk dressing up as their favourite woolly mammal and enjoying all manner of rambunctious festivities."
~ From the Dauntless website

Gruk-Gruk Rumble (2021)
"For many years, King Gruk of the gruk-gruks has been sitting captive in an eternal ice prison on Coldrunner Key. This year, there has been an extensive insurgence of gruk-gruks in the Shattered Isles. These abhorrent creatures have gotten wind of a special buried treasure in the sandy Hunting Grounds of Conundrum Rocks. They are furiously digging as they search for the key to thawing their King Gruk and restoring their reprehensible leader to power."
~ From the Dauntless website

King Gruk's Rampage (2022)
"After spending years frozen in an ice prison on Coldrunner Key, King Gruk has finally broken free from captive slumber with the help of his loyal army of gruk-gruks."
~ From the Dauntless website

Ramsgiving 2019[ | ]

The very first Ramsgiving event in 2019 introduced multiple cosmetics and a special holiday contract quest, A Ramsgiving to Remember, which could be picked up for free in the store and would reward players with the Benson's Basher hammer skin upon completion.

Ramsgiving 2020[ | ]

Ramsgiving 2020 lasted from November 25 to December 03. It came with new offerings in the Store, as well as bringing back the Ramsgiving 2019 cosmetics and new curiosities in Honest Ozz's event store.

Additionally, you were able to earn Golden Rams IconGolden Rams to spend in Honest Ozz's shop by completing bounties during Ramsgiving week. Players would receive an additional 4 Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens for each daily coin flip, on top of the usual 2 daily bounty tokens. You could earn between 1 and 3 Golden Rams IconGolden Rams each time you completed a bounty. Doing the daily coin flip would also reward the player with 5 Golden Rams IconGolden Rams.

The Bounty of Bounties gift containing 10 bounty tokens could be picked up in the Store for free during the event.

Ramsgiving 2021[ | ]

Ramsgiving 2021 lasted from November 23 to November 30. Like the previous year it came with new offerings in the Store. New cosmetics and curiosities, as well as items from the previous Ramsgiving celebrations could be purchased for Golden Rams IconGolden Rams in Honest Ozz's event store.

Golden Rams IconGolden Rams could be earned by performing any of the following activities:

  • Completing the Gruk-Gruk Rumble island event.
  • Completing bounties.
  • Breaking Behemoth heads.

Completing the Gruk-Gruk Rumble island event would reward the player with 15 Golden Rams IconGolden Rams. Each bounty would reward the player with 5 Golden Rams IconGolden Rams. And breaking Behemoth heads would reward the player with either 2, 5 or 10 Golden Rams IconGolden Rams with a 80%, 15% or 5% chance. However, this was only possible on high level islands. The following islands would not reward the player with any Golden Rams IconGolden Rams from head breaks: Emberthorn Cove, Boreal Outpost for Revelation Rock, Restless Sands, Iron Falls and Sunderstone only horn breaks from Quillshot and Embermane rewarded any Golden Rams IconGolden Rams.
Like Ramsgiving 2020 the daily coin flip would reward the player with 6 bounty tokens.

Gruk-Gruk Rumble and Ramslators –
The Gruk-Gruk Rumble island event was introduced during Ramsgiving 2021 and is tied to the Ramsgiving lore. The event can be found on Conundrum Rocks and involves fighting a horde of Gruk-Gruks.

This year, special “ramslators” (ram translators) could be found close to five rams in Ramsgate. Players could interact with each of these translation devices to discover lore about the animosity between rams and their natural enemy, the gruk-gruks. The first time a player interacts with a ramslator they would unlock the rumour Benson's Battleblasters.

Each Ramslator was located near a ram, placed in the area outlined below:

  1. Next to the stairs leading from the spawn point.
  2. On the roof of the Bazaar (Hunt Pass and Store area).
  3. At the small lake behind the Bazaar area.
  4. Next to the vegetable gardens nearby Farslayer's area.
  5. Near the Broken Blade tavern, when walking toward Lady Luck's.

Ramsgiving 2022[ | ]

Ramsgiving 2022 lasted from November 17 to December 01. The seasonal currency of Golden Rams IconGolden Rams returned, along with popular items from previous Ramsgiving celebrations. Many festive weapon and armour skins moved from rumour rewards to Ozz’s event store, which also included unique curiosities and many other Benson-themed cosmetics.

From this year, Golden Rams IconGolden Rams could also be redeemed for bundles of Rams Icon 001Rams, Patrol Keys IconPatrol Keys, Combat Merits IconCombat Merits, Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens, Aethersparks IconAethersparks, or tonics. Slayers could earn Golden Rams IconGolden Rams by performing any of the following activities:

  • Completing King Gruk’s Rampage mission.
  • Breaking Behemoth heads.

Benson The Ram –
After completing the initial Ramsgiving quests from Honest Ozz, an endearing new character 'Benson the Ram' could be encountered in Ramsgate Plaza. Interacting with Benson allowed Slayers to take on new quests which rewarded Weapon Skill XP and Golden Rams IconGolden Rams. Completion of Benson’s final quest rewarded the Slayers with the new Ramsgiving Crown.

King Gruk's Rampage –
The King Gruk’s Rampage mission was a matchmade event hunt. Completing the Ramsgiving IV: A Very Hungry Ram and Ramsgiving: Feeding Time quests from Ozz and Benson would unlock both difficulty levels of this mission. Defeating multiple waves of Gruk-Gruks allowed Slayers to come face-to-face with King Gruk in a new limited-time mission. Each mission rewarded Golden Rams IconGolden Rams and Rams Icon 001Rams on successful completion.

Ramsgiving 2023[ | ]

The Ramsgiving event returned on Nov 16, 2023 and lasted till Nov 30, 2023. It brought back the King Gruk's Rampage event mission, Golden Rams IconGolden Rams event currency and Ramsgiving-themed curiosities and cosmetics.

Like the previous year, Slayers could earn Golden Rams IconGolden Rams by completing King Gruk’s Rampage mission or by breaking Behemoth heads and horns. The Ramsgiving: Event Quests from Honest Ozz and Benson The Ram also returned, allowing Slayers to earn Golden Rams IconGolden Rams, Rams Icon 001Rams and Weapon Skill XP on completing them. Slayers could spend Golden Rams IconGolden Rams at Ozz's event store for buying Benson-themed curiosities and cosmetics.

The King Gruk's Army event mission was discontinued and the Ramsgiving VI: Rivalry quest was removed from the event questline. The Ramsgiving Crown, which was previously granted as a reward for completing the Rivalry quest, was instead available to buy in Honest Ozz's store for Golden Rams Icon 4000. The Gruk-Gruk Rumble island event returned to Conundrum Rocks for a limited time requiring Slayers to deal with hordes of Gruk-Gruk digging for the Ram-King's treasure.

The Desperado set, the Ramsguard Scout set and the Ramsguard Commander set were the returning armour transmog sets made available in the Featured section of the Store for a limited time. Other Benson-themed cosmetics like the Good King Benson and Ram-At-Arms Disguise helm transmogs, the Wham, Bam, Thank You Ram arrival emote and the Ramsgiving Starter Pack, which included the Benson, Battle Buddy lantern skin and 300 Golden Rams IconGolden Rams, were also purchasable for the duration of the event.

Gallery[ | ]