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Ramsgate is a location in Dauntless. It is a city-island in the world of Dauntless amongst The Shattered Isles. Ramsgate is the social center where you can interact with its denizens, meet fellow Slayers, craft and enhance gear and select Hunts.[1]

Official Summary[ | ]

Slayers live in and hunt among the Shattered Isles, where floating islands move across an endless sky and humanity lives among the broken pieces of their old world. With the recent advent of sky ships, explorers have struck out across the frontier in search of adventure, opportunity, and, in some cases, a fresh start. Ramsgate stands at the edge of this frontier as a final port of call before heading into dangerous skies. It is a city of artisans, merchants, warriors, explorers, and, of course, slayers.

Now, new threats emerge from beyond the horizon. Sightings of new, deadly behemoths pour in each day, and reports indicate the mighty beasts are more aggressive and fearsome than anything seen before.

Lore[ | ]

Lore 01

It isn’t the best place for a city; rugged mountains, fierce winds, and rain more often than not. But it is home. Ramsgate is the furthest settlement and best endeavor to make a beachhead into behemoth territory. The only way to win this fight is to take it to the behemoths.

Artisans, merchants, and warriors from all over the Shattered Isles came to Ramsgate, not because it would be easy, but because they knew they could make a difference. Here is where the war would be won. Many cut their teeth in the wilderness, exploring uncharted islands, fighting behemoths, and retrieving valuable goods and materials from their forays. Many never make it back, but those that do bring back hope.

Ramsgate stands as a symbol to the rest of the Shattered Islands. It is pioneering, it is bravery, it is strength. It is home.

Lore 02

The raucous sound of celebration booms inside the Ramsgate Tavern. Everyone is cheering and raising glasses to the slayers who bagged a behemoth that had claimed the lives of a sky ship crew. The heroes tell their tale of their hunt; tracking the beast, narrowly dodging death at every turn, and going in for the kill.

A slayer stabs a long, savage fang like a dagger into the table, roaring in triumph. The tavern explodes in cheers and a fresh round of drinks. The hunt isn’t over – not by a long shot – but tonight, the city is safe and their friends have been avenged.

Ramsgate Reimagined[ | ]

A redesigned Ramsgate was introduced with Patch 1.3.3. This redesign established a vertical layout for Ramsgate and added new locations for the city's denizens along with Vistas and Discoveries. Another notable addition were aether jets, which allow Slayers to quickly traverse the city and reach different vendors or points of interests conveniently.[2]

The Fall & Rise of Ramsgate

Slayers can interact with the Portal Driver, located near Dr. Priyani, to watch a recollection by Arkan Drew which describes a daring escape from Old Ramsgate's destruction, and the arrival of its people at their new home:

When times grow dire, a brave soul might say, "Well... it's not the end of the world". But unless we can pull of a miracle, it will be. It wasn't easy to bring the relic back to our city, but now I can't take my eyes off of it. The Portal Driver. If I'm right, it's our only chance. Well. Here goes nothing!

Kat has to remind me to open my eyes when it's over. We've made it to our home. And lost the old one for good.

Rebuilding the city won't happen overnight. But here, Ramsgate won't just live... it will thrive. We survived the darkness. That brave soul was right. This isn't the end of the world... it's the beginning of a new one.

Layout and NPCs[ | ]

Slayers enter Ramsgate via the Dock Entrance, where they can also find Bosun Markus Boehr. Ramsgate's Bazaar is located at the left, after proceeding down from the Dock Entrance, where Gregario Flynt has set up shop. Slayers can flip a coin into the fountain at the center of the Bazaar to get a daily bonus reward, which includes a Fountain Core and 4 Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens. They can also check their Hunt Pass progress, access the Reward Cache vault and browse the Store at the Bazaar.

Ramsgate Map

The in-game map also indicates any available quests or rumours

The central plaza has a globe at its center, which allows Slayers to venture out for various Hunts and Missions. A mailbox is located near the First Slayer's statue where Slayers can access official game-related messages or notices. The weaponsmith Wils Bormen and armoursmith Moyra Heigsketter have partnered to help Slayers gear up for their battles against the Behemoths. Granny Strega handles the crafting of tonics and pylons, while Honest Ozz sets up shop occasionally during seasonal events.

On the terrace above the central plaza, to the right of the smithy, Slayers can find the Scarred Master, Aethersmith Arkan Drew, Admiral Janek Zai and The Middleman for crafting Aether Strikers, Lanterns, Ostian Repeaters, Cells and Omnicells respectively. The Lantern Attunement Device is located behind Arkan Drew and can be accessed for allotting Talent Points, unlock Amps and gain passive buffs for the respective Escalations.

The stairs on the left of the smithy lead to Katerin Sorrel and the Sparkforge, where Slayers can reforge their weapon skills or craft an Aetherhearts IconAetherheart. The Broken Blade tavern is located near the Sparkforge and is tended by barkeeper Tressa Froller. Slayers can find Dr. Shaed Priyani and Xelya the Farslayer at the outskirts of Ramsgate. Lady Luck can be found in Trials Square, which also includes the Wall of Champions leaderboard, displaying the names of Slayers who have excelled at the Island of Trials.

A map of Ramsgate was added with Patch 1.8.3, which can be opened from the main menu or by pressing 'M' on PC. The map shows the locations of vendors, new Quests and Rumours along with the current location of the Slayer.

Miscellaneous[ | ]

Core Breakers are located in the Bazaar and near the Middleman where Slayers can open Cell Cores to extract Cells, Rams Icon 001Rams and Aetherdust Icon 001Aetherdust.

Aethersprouts spawn at different locations across Ramsgate, with a spawn rate of 10 Aethersprouts per day. Collecting them grants 5 Hunt Pass XP per Aethersprout.

Slayers can encounter and interact with friendly fauna in Ramsgate. Max, at the smithy, and Bruna, in Trials Square are pet dogs that can be interacted with and petted. Similarly, several Rams can be found across Ramsgate that can be interacted with to play a headbutting animation.

Benson the Ram was added as a permanent resident of Ramsgate during Ramsgiving 2022 and can be found at the left of the Dock Entrance stairs. Hector the turtle can be seen munching on apples at the smithy but cannot be interacted with.

The destroyed Old Ramsgate can be revisited in the Gauntlet mode where Slayers fight successive battles against Behemoths amidst its ruins. Slayers can find arena perks in the form of a resupply station in the old alchemist area at the Plaza, a damage boost in the old crafting area at the Forge, and a powerful harpoon of a crashed airship in the old Hangar area.

New Ramsgate[ | ]

Old Ramsgate[ | ]

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