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Ragetail Gnasher (Heroic)
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Island(s) Located

Ragetail Gnasher (Heroic) is one of the Behemoths in Dauntless. It is a variant of Gnasher.

Drop Table[]

Icon Name Obtained From
Gnasher Hide Icon 001.png Gnasher Hide Slay
Furious Ragescale Icon 001.png Furious Ragescale
Ragesoul Shard Icon 001.png Ragesoul Shard
Ragetooth Icon 001.png Ragetooth Break Head
Gnasher Shinplate Icon 001.png Gnasher Shinplate Break Leg
Sharpened Slapper Icon 001.png Sharpened Slapper Sever Tail
Grievance Dye Swatch.png Grievance Dye (Rumour) Sever Tail (Enraged)


Icon Modifiers Description
Heroic Icon 001.png Heroic Behemoths are tougher and deal more damage.
Fury Icon 001.png Fury Behemoth rage lasts longer, and empowers the Behemoth's defense and attack.
Jagged Icon 001.png Jagged Attacks that would cause wound now cause crippling wound.


Ragetail Gnashers (Heroic) can be found on the following Islands.

Icon Island Level Guaranteed Behemoth Available Behemoths
Island Icon 002.png
Coldrunner Key
11 - 14
Frostwülf Illustrated Full Icon.png Frostwülf Frostwülf Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Frostwülf Ragetail Gnasher Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Ragetail Gnasher (Heroic) Frostback Pangar Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Frostback Pangar Skraev Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Skraev Sahvyt Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Sahvyt Kaltauga Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Kaltauga

Attack Patterns[]

Coming Soon™