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The Chronovore Illustrated Framed Icon

The Chronovore is the Escalation Boss for Radiant Icon Radiant Escalation.

"Radiant aether is surging to uncontrollable levels as Orrery scientists attempt to claim Behemoth power as their own. Now, Behemoths from across the Shattered Isles are drawn to the surge, feeding on the aether and, in turn, being fed on by the surge's source: the soul reaping Chronovore."

The Chronovore weapons use a Bond instead of a Unique Effect and have a Legendary ability.

Legendary Ability: Activating your Chronovore weapon's legendary ability will draw on the temporal power of radiant aether to return you to wherever you were 3 seconds before activation and restore all health, stamina, and status effects to their previous state. Afterwards, you'll become invulnerable and gain increased move speed for 6 seconds.

Rewards[ | ]

Progressing through a talent tree will unlock permanent rewards that can be claimed when the required level is reached.

Radiant Escalation Rewards
Icon Level Title Description
Ico powerboost 1 001
Power Boost 1 Increases damage dealt by 5% and reduces damage received by 5% for each Amp active on you.
Combat Merits Icon
Combat Merit Bonus Earn 100 Combat Merits IconCombat Merits
Ico powerboost 2 001
Power Boost 2 Increases damage dealt by 10% and reduces damage received by 10% for each Amp active on you.
Ico bonusamp 001
Extra Amp Option Grants access to a 4th Amp option during Radiant Escalations.
Ico powerboost 3 001
Power Boost 3 Increases damage dealt by 15% and reduces damage received by 15% for each Amp active on you.
Ico finalchest 001
Radiant Escalation Cosmetics The Golden Epoch IconThe Golden Epoch, The Age of Titans IconThe Age of Titans, The Wages of Eternity IconThe Wages of Eternity, The March of Centuries IconThe March of Centuries, The Beacon of Ages IconThe Beacon of Ages, The Fabric of Time IconThe Fabric of Time, The Mark of Progress IconThe Mark of Progress, The Standing Paradox IconThe Standing Paradox, and Dauntless Title Icon 001Timeline Defender

Puzzle[ | ]

Unique to this escalation is a puzzle mechanic. As you progress through the first four arenas, look out for a glyph found in each arena. A puzzle platform, with four pillars, is located just before the final keystone arena.

Radiant Escalation Puzzle

The pillars are numbered (I, II, III, IIII) to correspond with the arena of each Escalation round. Slayers must match the glyphs found in each arena to successfully complete the puzzle. On solving the puzzle, a floating pyramid appears at the centre of the puzzle platform, which grants a final Amp. Slayers are also rewarded with 4 Chrono-Stone IconChrono-Stones for solving the puzzle.

Glyph Locations
Round 1 Arena I Before the exit of the arena, on the right wall
Round 2 Arena II On the left wall, at the entrance of the arena
Round 3 Arena III Located behind the Amp crystal
Round 4 Arena IIII To the left, on entering the arena

Glyph 1 Glyph 2 Glyph 3 Glyph 4 Glyph 5 Glyph 6

Additional Details:

  • Glyphs are randomised for each Escalation run, although their position in each arena is fixed.
  • Glyphs can be seen easily in a direct line-of-sight from the Amp crystal, except for Arena III.
  • Glyphs also have a peculiar sound effect, which can be heard by being in their close proximity.
  • The puzzle Amp grants only a single Amp option. The Extra Amp reward, received on reaching Escalation Level 15, does not increase the number of options for this final Amp.

Passives[ | ]

Passives are unlocked in the Talent Tree and add permanent bonuses on every Radiant Icon Radiant escalation hunt.

Icon Name Description
Thunderous Mantle Icon 001 Fleet Gain 2% / 3% / 4% movement speed. Gain an additional 2%/ 3% / 4% speed after each successful round.
Executioner Icon 001 Executioner Deal 3% / 6% / 9% damage for each Behemoth below 50% health.
Zai's Manoeuvres Icon 001 Zai's Revolver Every 6th weapon hit create a small explosion of a random elemental in front of you that does 20% / 30% / 40% of the damage of the last hit
Healing Stream Icon 001 Flask Thrower Flasks restore only 50% of their normal amount, but also heall all allies.
Heated Blade Icon Blind Fighting Deal 20% additional damage for 30 seconds / 1 minute after being Blinded.
Moyra's Reinforcement Icon 001 Moyra's Reinforcement Moyra has reinforced the joints of your armor, granting 5% / 10% / 15% passive Damage Reduction.
Thrill of the Hunt Icon 001 Thrill of the Hunt Each time a Behemoth is defeated, gain 1% / 2% / 4% increased damage.
Pact of Might Icon 001 Pact You take 20% damage from attacks. Each round, gain a random pact bonus. Health, Lifesteal, Damage, or Attack
Farslayer's Precision Icon 001 Farslayer's Precision Xelya's knowledge of dangerous Behemoths has granted 5% / 10% / 15% passive Wound Damage during associated Escalations.
Bormen's Might Icon 001 Bormen's Might Wils has trained you in the art of concussive force, granting 5% / 10% / 15% passive Stagger Per Hit increase.
Strega's Harvester Icon 001 Strega's Harvester Breaking Behemoth parts in the relevant Escalation has a 5% / 10% / 15% chance of granting double rewards.
Kat's Claws Icon 001 Kat's Masterclass The weapon your allies wield grant you 5% / 10% / 15% bonuses. Sword: critical chance. Hammer: stagger damage. Axe: damage. War Pike: wound damage. Chain blades: attack speed. Repeaters: part damage. Aether strikers: critical damage.
Lucky Strikes Icon 001 Lucky Strikes Lady Luck's shared mysterious knowledge of Behemoths grants 5% / 10% / 15% passive Critical Strike chance during the associated Escalations.
Zealus Eidolon Icon 001 Eidolon Ruler After round one gain a Dodge Eidolon that grows in power when you dodge through Behemoth Attacks. / After round two gain a Break Eidolon that grows in power when you break parts. / After round three, gain an Omnicell Eidolon that grows in power when you use an Omnicell. / After round four, gain an Eidolon that grows in power when you use a Lantern.
Thunderous Mantle Icon 001 Tireless You no longer spend stamina while sprinting with your weapon drawn.

Amps[ | ]

This is a full list of the Amps that are available for this Escalation. All Amps are at full power from the beginning and no Talent Tree unlocks directly improve them.

Radiant Escalation Amps
Icon Name Rarity Spawn Requirements Description
Mender's Shield Icon 001 Mender's Shield Common Any time the Aether Vent is used, grant all Slayers 200 shield
Alchemist's Aetherdrive Icon 001 Strega's Aetherdrive Common Less than 5 flask charges Refills your flask to 5 charges. Your flask also grants you the effect of Aetherdrive Tonic.
Elemental Form Umbral Icon 001 Elemental Form: Umbral Uncommon On Lantern Hold, enter Umbral Form for 10 seconds, granting 15% increased damage dealt. Entering another form cancels this effect and causes an Umbral explosion, damaging nearby Behemoths for 500.
Elemental Form Radiant Icon 001 Elemental Form: Radiant Uncommon On Lantern Tap, enter Radiant Form for 18 seconds, granting 5% of damage dealt as healing to the lowest health Slayer. Entering another form cancels this effect and causes a Radiant explosion, healing nearby allies for 250.
Go Time Icon 001 Go Time Rare Lantern Hold grants +6% attack speed to all players for 20 seconds or until you take damage.
Healing Dream Icon 001 Healing Dream Uncommon While downed, continuously heal the ally with the lowest health for 50 health every second.
Shadow Dodge Icon 001 Shadow Dodge Epic Dealing damage accumulates charges of Shadow dodge. Dodging through an attack expends a charge, causing an Umbral explosion that can interrupt behemoths.
Squad Goals Icon 001 Squad Goals Common Be in a group Deal +5% damage. For each other player with Squad Goals, deal +2.5% additional damage.
Crash Course Icon 001 Crash Course Common Be in a group Gain 50% bonus Stagger damage per hit, and 5% base stagger damage for each player with Crash Course.
Torrent Shield Icon 001 Torrent Shield Uncommon Using your Lantern Hold ability grants +150 health shield to all Slayers for 15 seconds.
Void Blast Icon 001 Void Blast Rare When a short distance from a behemoth, occasionally spawn a ball of unstable Radiant energy that can be launched in a cone of projectiles that do 300 damage each.
Locus of Power Icon 001 Locus of Power Rare After using your Lantern Hold, create a power circle that grants +30% damage to a slayer within it. Prefers the Amp owner.
Homefield Advantage Icon 001 Homefield Advantage Rare Planting your banner creates a power zone that grants +25% Damage, and +20% Damage Reduction to Slayers within it.
Flicker Icon 001 Flicker Rare Lantern ability also causes you to enter Resolve for 1 second making you immune to stagger, and reducing damage taken by 50%
Last Seconds Icon 001 Last Seconds Rare After taking damage from an attack, heal for 50% of the damage taken over 5 seconds.
Earthshaker Icon 001 Earthshaker Epic Landing from a jump creates a radiant explosion that deals up to 1000 damage and can interrupt behemoths. Cannot occur more than once every 5 seconds.
Lantern Summoner Icon 001 Lantern Summoner Epic Lantern Ability also summons a random stationary elemental to assist you for thirty seconds.
From the Ashes Icon 001 From the Ashes Epic Once per round, when you would die, gain 25% increased damage and Heal over Time for 30 seconds.
Legedary Lantern Amp Icon Broadside Barrage Legendary Broadsides Lantern equipped Lantern use sends out a line of explosives that deal high damage and can interrupt Behemoths.
Legedary Lantern Amp Icon Zealous Strikes Legendary Shrike's Zeal equipped While under the effect of Shrike's Zeal, slayers attacks strike twice.
Legedary Lantern Amp Icon The Eye of the Lightning Rod Legendary Drask's Eye equipped Lantern use also spawns a shock tower that fires shock bolts at nearby Behemoths.
Legedary Lantern Amp Icon The Rapture Eruption Legendary Embermane's Rapture equipped Lantern use also leaves behind a zone that damages behemoths, and grants Slayers within it 25% bonus Attack Speed. Lasts until end of round.
Legedary Lantern Amp Icon Winter Shrine Legendary Pangar's Shine equipped Pangar's Shine effects now travels with you, and stops stamina from decreasing or regenerating for its duration.
Legedary Lantern Amp Icon Defiant Stone Legendary Skarn's Defiance equipped Lantern use sets max health to 1 for its duration, and grants twice as much shield as you had health.
Legedary Lantern Amp Icon Echo Bloom Legendary Koshai's Bloom equipped Your Lantern recharges 500% faster.

Crossover Amps[ | ]

Crossover Amps are customized amps from other Escalations. These Amps do not appear unless the associated Talent has been unlocked in the Talent Tree.

Multi-Amp Unlocks
Icon Name Rarity Talent Required Description
Exposed Weakness Icon 001 Exposed Weakness Common Thrax Talent Icon 001
Wounded Corruption
Add 200 wound damage to each attack.
Elemental Summoner Icon 001 Elemental Summoner Common Dealing 2,000 wound damage summons a random stationary elemental to assist you for 30 seconds. Attacks deal additional wound damage per hit.
Surgical Precision Icon 001 Surgical Destruction Common Grants a 6% buff for the remained of the run when a wounded part is broken.
Shield Sphere Icon 001 Shield Sphere Common Agarus Talent Icon 001
Enduring Barriers
When a short distance from a Behemoth, occasionally spawn a ball of energy that grants all nearby players 250 shields when destroyed.
Shrapnel Icon 001 Shrapnel Common When any shield expires or is refreshed, it explodes, dealing damage in an AoE equal to 3 times the remaining shield value.
Pact of Hunger Icon 001 Pact of Hunger Uncommon For the next encounter, consumables are disabled. Afterwards, gain +8% Lifesteal.
Lady Luck's Barrage 001 Lady Luck's Barrage Common Torgadoro Talent Icon 001
Lady Luck's Flames
Dealing stagger damage builds up a reserve of cannon balls, which are fired from above every minute.
Torgadoro's Strength Icon 001 Torgadoro's Strength Common Breaking a Behemoth part activates all currently-held Torgadoro's amps, granting you 16 seconds of +250 stagger damage.
Torgadoro's Fury Icon 001 Torgadoro's Fury Common Dodging through an attack activates all currently held Torgadoro's amps, granting you 16 seconds of +20% damage.

Modifiers[ | ]

Radiant Escalation Mods
Icon Name Description
Weak spot icon 001 Weak Spot Behemoths are more durable, but have a unstable weak point.
Desperation icon 001 Desperation Behemoths are unable to enter rage. Once below half health, they become enraged until defeated.
Incandescent Incarceration Icon 001 Incandescent Incarceration Slayers that go down will be trapped by a radiant orb.
Radiant Smollusks Icon 001 Radiant Smollusks Radiant smollusks inhabit the area and will lay trails of dangerous radiant slime wherever they traverse.
Elder Shield Icon Elder shields Behemoths are protected with conductive shields.
Umbral Instability Icon 001 Splitting Umbral An umbral projectile periodically spawns and repeatedly divides in two. Destroying an umbral projectile grants a buff.
Umbral Instability Icon 001 Umbral Instability Behemoths have been touched by unstable umbral energy and will periodicaly create black holes that must be destroyed.
Deadly Icon Deadly Behemoth physical attacks deal increased damage.
Planar Voyage Icon 001 Planar Voyage Step on a portal to visit the Umbral realm. Slayers in the Umbral realm cannot be staggered and take 50% less damage. Upon returning, for every 750 damage dealt, allies get a short 10% damage buff.