The Quillshot is an armored mix of a boar and a hedgehog.

Attacks Edit

Spin - Only with Tail

Backkick - When youre behind after cutting off the tail, but not that frequent

Quillfire defense - a ring of quills shot out of the back and hitting the ground around

Quillfire attack - single clusters are shot in the air, aimed at slayers

Quillfire barrage - behemoth falls on the side and shoots quills horizontal out of its back

Interrupting Edit

Although not a conventional interruption, the Quillshot can be forced out of its quill barrage when enraged. Dealing sufficient damage (ie. reaching a damage threshold) will cause an interrupt, although it is difficult to pull off.

Drop Table Edit

Name Break Part
Quillshot Hide Head
Quillshot Hide Tusks (x2)
Quillshot Hide Limbs (x4)
Quillshot Hide Tail

Gear Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Quillripper
  • Quillhammer
  • Quillblades
  • Quillcutter
  • Quillpike

Armour Edit

  • Quillshot Armour
    • Quillmask
    • Quillspike Jacket
    • Quillspike Grips
    • Quillboots