Dauntless Wiki

Quests are objectives given by NPCs for the Slayer to complete.

Main Quests[]

Quest Main Available Icon 001.png
The Slayer's Path
Unlocked Potential
To The Training Grounds!
Smash Test Dummies
Time To Slay
To The Hunting Grounds!
The Weaponsmith's Request
From The Embers
Sweet Epiphany
Behemoth Survey: Shock Rock
Behemoth Survey: Scorched Wings
Behemoth Survey: Rolling Ice
Behemoth Survey: Grounded Current
Behemoth Survey: Burning Dawn
Behemoth Survey: Void Strike
Behemoth Survey: Enemy Vine
Behemoth Survey: Electrical Fire
Behemoth Survey: Lights Out
The Master Slayer
The Reforged Slayer
The Unlimited Slayer
Granny Strega's Revitalizing Tonics
Experiments in Terra
No Safe Arbour
Digging in the Dirt
Growth Opportunity
Expedition to Escalation
Spore Problems
Far and Away
The Apex Predator
Tempus Fugit
Luck Be A Lady
Trial Run
Trials of the Dauntless

Side Quests[]

Lock. Load. Repeat.
The Sproutslayer
The Guns of Ostigaard
The Hunt Pass Initiative
Scrutiny On The Bounty
My Favourite Pass Time
Master Strikes
The Treasure Patrol
For Your Health!
Medicinal Purposes
Drew Calling
Fire Light
Man in the Middle
Call of Kaltauga
The Omnicell Contingency
The Omnicell Effect
Curse the Darkness
The Ironclad Admiral
The Unsubtle Art of Detonation
The Chronoslayer
Shocking Developments
Rolling Thunder

Forged in Fury
First Blood
Arms Race
On the Offensive
Defense Never Rests
The Living Weapon

Limited Time Quests/Holiday Quests[]

The First Slayer I
The First Slayer II
The First Slayer III
The First Slayer IV
Saint's Bond Love Hurts What the Heart Wants The Final Ingredient Rejected
Springtide The Great Pufflehop Rescue
Dark Harvest Dark Harvest: Favour of darkness Dark Harvest: Favour of Sorrow Dark Harvest: Favour of the Harvest Dark Harvest: All Eyes on You Dark Harvest: A Shot in the Dark
Ramsgiving A Ramsgiving to Remember Friends Indeed
Frostfall Frostfall: The Light Kiss Contract Frostfall: The Cap and Trade Contract Frostfall: The Seated Slayer Contract
Rogue Elements Hunt Pass Seismic Intelligence Frontier Justice Surge Projector Escalation Investigation Seismic Shift Seismic Contract: Unnatural Selections Seismic Contract: Targeted Research Seismic Contract: Elemental Health Seismic Contract: Damage Report Seismic Contract: All the Admiral's Bounties
Relics & Ruin Hunt Pass Shadow Dancing Shadows Fall Chronicles: The Umbral Deeps Corruption Interruption Thrax Riders of the Umbral Deeps Relic, Corrupted Drawing Out the Poison The Great Portal Drive
Clear Skies Hunt Pass What They Left Behind Core Competency When Is a Door Not a Door? Light 'Em Up Things Keep Escalating Just Add Orbs Farslayer's Fall Mini Pass Terra Cognition Desperado's Duty Event Pass Path of the Desperado