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Quelle Margritte
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Stormchasers Leader
Voice Actor
Kate Marcin

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Quelle Margritte is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate in Dauntless.

Biography[ | ]

Quelle is graduate of navigation and wayfinding from the prestigious University of St. Avellaine, where she headed up a student society known as the Stormchasers - bold young men and women that pledged themselves to confront the worst the skies had to throw at them, to seek out adventure, explore new islands and carry all the vast riches they would find home again. The old student society evolved into an explorer’s society known as the Stormchasers League under Quelle’s rule. Membership is based on wayfinding and piloting skill alone, and is now made up in equal parts of penniless hopefuls and wealthy scions of important families eager to make their mark. As she seeks to become more than a drunken lout, Quelle helps to organize expeditions into the most dangerous parts of the sky, taking a personal hand wherever she senses there is an opportunity to win more glory for the society.

Quelle, the eldest daughter of noble St. Avellaine household who has inherited everything she could ever need, enjoys the finer things in life, especially those that come in a bottle. But the Stormchasers leader is also a driven individual who hopes to make a reputation for herself on her own terms through the Stormchasers League. Tends to think of herself as being friends with everyone and terribly charismatic. Seldom leaves her bed chamber before midday. She's not particularly reliable unless she has a personal stake in any given situations.