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Primal Behemoths are past variations of existing Behemoths that have fallen forward through time. More powerful than a contemporary Behemoth, Slayers face a choice between using the pillars in place to suppress the Primal Behemoth and sacrifice their own abilities or destroying them to regain their power and unleash the Primal Behemoth's full strength.

Details[ | ]

One of the following four primal suppression pillars will spawn, in the arena that the Behemoth has spawned in. It can be destroyed by damage to remove its penalty and empower the Primal Behemoth and rebuilt by interacting to restore the penalty and remove the Primal Behemoth's corresponding buff. The strength of these effects can be reduced by the Primal Resistance nodes under Path of the Primal Slayer in the Past Factional Path.

Effect Icon Name Active Effect Inactive Penalty
Stagger Damage Suppression Icon Stagger Damage Suppressor 100% reduction to Stagger Damage
+25% Behemoth Damage
+10% Behemoth Attack Speed
Part Damage Suppression Icon Part Damage Suppressor 100% reduction to Part Damage
Wound Damage Suppression Icon Wound Damage Suppressor 100% reduction to Wound Damage
Healing Suppression Icon Lifesteal Suppressor 99.9% reduction to all healing

Location[ | ]

All Behemoths spawning on the Paradox Breaks outside of the Chronovore's Temporal Anomaly event are either Primal or Elder.