Dauntless Wiki

Omnicells are craftable gear that provide a wide range of build options to let you strategize around your preferred playstyle, as well as plan for specific encounters. Each omnicell has its own passive and active ability. Omnicells are craftable at The Middleman.

Bastion[ | ]

Passive: Increase all shields received by 15%. Dealing damage has a chance (based on damage dealt) to grant a stacking, refreshing 25 health shield that lasts for 25 seconds (max 500 shields).

Active: Leap forward and slam the ground, consuming all shields in a blast of energy that deals Terra damage to nearby targets equal to 200% of the amount of shields consumed. 20 second cooldown.

Iceborne[ | ]

Passive: Increase max health by 100. Gain 1% lifesteal and 5% reduced damage, then again for every 150 missing health. Taking damage reduces the cooldown of the active ability by 5 seconds (only once every 5 seconds).

Active: Throw an ice lance that does 750 frost damage; double damage if thrown at full health. Also prevents you from being staggered and grants +10% lifesteal for 8 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

  • Note: This Ice Lance will also Interrupt any unstable Behemoth attacks.

Discipline[ | ]

Passive: Critical strike chance and damage increased by 8%. Healing is reduced by 50%. Reaching max stacks of Flaming Fist makes you Disciplined, increasing your critical strike chance by 50% for 40 seconds while also increasing damage received by 100%. When Disciplined ends, stacks are cleared.

Active: Perform a quick parrying punch that deals 200 blaze damage. Parrying an attack does +300% damage and grants a stack of Flaming Fist, giving +4% critical strike damage. This can stack 4 times. 17 second cooldown.

Tempest[ | ]

Passive: Attack speed +10%. Dodging through an attack grants a stack of Velocity. Each stack lasts 45 seconds and increases movement speed by 3%. Max 5 stacks.

Active: Consume a stack of Velocity to dash ahead and deal 450 shock damage to a nearby target, prioritizing unbroken behemoth parts. 6 second cooldown. For every 1% increase in movement speed, deal +3% damage to unbroken parts. Stacks are refreshed on use.

Revenant[ | ]

Passive: Lifesteal +2%. When Revenant state ends, each stack of Void Energy grants 115 health per second for 10 seconds.

Active: Active: Drain up to 500 health to enter Revenant state and spawn a Void Orb. For every 100 health drained, summon an Umbral Tendril that deals 700 umbral damage. If an Umbral Tendril hits a target, it spawns an additional Void Orb upon impact. Picking up a Void Orb grants a stack of Void Energy, which gives +4% damage and extends Revenant state by 1 second. Revenant state lasts for 15 seconds and prevents all healing. 10 second cooldown.

Artificer[ | ]

Passive: Amount of healing and shielding granted per second is increased by 1 for every 150 current health when activated.

Active: Send your Drone to a target to have it perform one of four actions:

1 - Revivable Slayer: Revive and give a Slayer the Artificer Aura for 15 seconds. Can only perform this revive once every 90 seconds.

2 - Active Slayer: Cleanse the targeted Slayer of status effects and grant them the Artificer Aura for 15 seconds.

3 - Behemoth: Mark a Behemoth part to take +15% damage from all sources for 15 seconds.

4 - Ground: Surround an area with a radiant wall for 15 seconds, Radiant wall blocks hostile projectiles and beams, and applies the Artificer Aura to all Slayers within 20 second cooldown.

Artificer Aura: Slayers in the aura restore 10 health per second. If their health is full, a stackable 10-health shield is granted every second. Health shield lasts for 25 seconds. Max 400 shields.

  • Note: Be warned that the barrier aura will block specific friendly projectiles as well: War Pike's Pike Blast/Godhand will hit it, and will deal no damage to any intended Behemoth target.