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Moyra Heigsketter
Voice Actor
Maya Tuttle

Moyra Heigsketter is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate in Dauntless.

Journal Entry[ | ]

"Remember, no armour is proof against stupid."

Moyra Heigsketter may seem young to be running one of the most important businesses in Ramsgate, but she carries strong armoursmithing genes on her mother's side. Varya started forging armour for Slayers before even Kat Sorrel took up a blade. Seeing the girl's interest her mother encouraged Moyra to start helping out in the smithy when she was only five years old. Moyra cherishes the memory, like all the ones of the time her mother was alive.

"Heigsketters always stand by our work."

Varya was taken from her daughter by a slow, painful illness when Moyra was just a teenager. Even before her mother passed, Varya's daughter had to deal with unexpected grief while taking up the hammer and tongs to keep the Heigsketter Smithy going. When she officially took over the smithy as her own, Moyra kept the business thriving thanks to a community that took care of their own. Weaponsmith Wils Bormen also helped young Moyra with supplies and funding after Varya passed.

"Protect yourself, don't wreck yourself."

Within a few years the daughter's reputation was the equal of the mother's. Her smithy and workshop in Ramsgate often displays new creations in various states of progress, a wonderland of organized chaos. Moyra frequently delves into her mother's design notebooks, which include many schematics Varya was never able to create.

Moyra is loyal above all to three things: her mother's memory, her city, and her friends. And while she can be a crafty negotiator when she wants to be, when working with Slayers she always offers the best deal she can.