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Markus Boehr
Voice Actor
Jamieson Price

Markus Boehr is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate in Dauntless.

Location[ | ]

Markus can be found in Ramsgate Plaza at the player spawn point.

Biography[ | ]

Markus Boehr hails from one of the more populous and wealthy cities toward the center of the Shattered Isles, but spurned his inheritance to become a slayer. He trained alongside Katerin Sorrel, but was injured by their quarry and only Kat’s slaying prowess saved them. And when their sky ship subsequently wrecked upon the cliffs attempting to rescue them, Markus was able to return the favor. Realizing there was still enough of their vessel left to get them home - barely - he led the remaining crew in a desperate repair effort that succeeded against all odds. It was this event that made Markus recognize he was more suited to sailing the skies than slaying behemoths. He became one of the best bosuns in the air, and joined Kat’s crew as soon as his old friend took command of her own ship.

Intelligent and easy-going, which makes him great at figuring out the most efficient ways to get things done with often-limited resources. Generally welcoming to newcomers, but maintains a strict mental division between capable, experienced "crew" (including slayer-captains) and inexperienced "islanders.” He is fiercely loyal to his ship and the captain who commands her, whomever that may be. That doesn’t mean he won’t point out when he thinks they’re endangering themselves, the crew, or the ship itself. Markus is not without ample personal vices, especially gambling, and avoids confrontations that will bring the attention of his many debtors.

Markus becomes the player’s figurative big brother after Kat is injured. Where Kat taught the player how to hunt prey, wield a weapon, and defeat behemoths, Markus explains how a player does the job. He teaches the player how to take contracts, and what equipment and crew are required to do the work, yet still offers his confidence in the player’s ability to figure all this out. He’s sure the player will be at least half as good as Kat at this slaying business. Eventually.