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Love Hurts
Lady Luck
Granny Strega

Descrption[ | ]

Talk to Granny Strega.

Journal[ | ]

Missing journal entry

Objectives[ | ]

  • Talk to Granny Strega.

Rewards[ | ]

Dialogue[ | ]

(Quest Starts)

Lady Luck: "Skies above! I hate this bloody season."

"The parcels come in like trade winds. Pink parchment. Hearts. Flowers. Insistent idiots, all of 'em!"

Lady Luck: "These suitors will be the end of me, Slayer. But I have an idea this year. I think it's time my admirers get a response. A formal rejection letter of sorts."

"But they'll need a parting gift, so we can let them down easy. It just so happens I have the perfect recipe for a perfume. It'll leave them with something to remember me by. Here, take this list to Strega."

(Complete objectives)

Granny Strega: "Ah yes, love is the most powerful tonic of them all. Too much of it can be hard to stomach... for some."

Granny Strega: "Let granny here take a look at that list. Hmmm. Oh! Oh yes. I can cook this up, but first we need to get these items in order."

(Quest complete)

This quest will only be available for the duration of Saint's Bond 2022