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Lightbound Koshai
Island(s) Located

Lightbound Koshai is one of the Behemoths in Dauntless. It is a variant of Koshai.

Journal Entry[]

These permutations look as if the alteations are external, not internal. In other words, it didn't undergo these changes through its aetheric diet over time, but rather, something more immediate.-Arkan Drew

Unlike other Behemoth variants, the Lightbound Koshai are wholly new to the Shattered Isles. Their origin and history are unclear and masked by blinding light.

These beasts first appeared on Paradox Breaks-or so its rumoured-an area of unbridled fluctuations in time and aether and home of The Chronovore. This probably habitat is in line with its set of unique abilities, which include time manipulation and control over Radiant aether.

Regarding its origins, studies are ongoing.

Kat's Hunting Tips:

-Just because it's pretty, doesn't mean it can't kill you.

- Not sure how to put this, but this thing can reverse time. Don't just look where it is and will be, but where it was.

Drop Table[]

Name Obtained From
Aether Thorn Icon 001.png Aether Thorn Slay
Vital Thorn Icon 001.png Vital Thorn
Thornsoul Shard Icon 001.png Thornsoul Shard
Splintered Antler Icon 001.png Splintered Antler Break Antlers
Vinetooth Icon 001.png Vinetooth Break Head
Bramblespur Icon 001.png Bramblespur Break Limb
Caudal Thorn Icon 001.png Caudal Thorn Sever Tail
Icon lightbound koshai brilliant plume.png Brilliant Plume Sever Aether-charged Tail


This Behemoth has no modifiers.


Lightbound Koshais can be found on the following Islands

Icon Island Level Guaranteed Behemoth Available Behemoths
Island Icon Radiant.png
The Paradox Breaks
16 - 19
Lightbound Koshai Illustrated Full Icon.png Lightbound Koshai Lightbound Koshai Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Lightbound Koshai Flameborn Rezakiri Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Flameborn Rezakiri Phaelanx Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Phaelanx Rockfall Skarn Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Rockfall Skarn (Heroic) Valomyr Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Valomyr (Heroic) Rezakiri Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Rezakiri
Island Icon 005.png
Razorcliff Isle
16 - 19
Rezakiri Illustrated Full Icon.png Rezakiri Rezakiri Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Rezakiri Frostback Pangar Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Frostback Pangar (Heroic) Koshai Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Koshai (Heroic) Winterhorn Skraev Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Winterhorn Skraev (Heroic) Frostwülf Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Frostwülf Lightbound Koshai Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Lightbound Koshai

Attack Patterns[]

Coming Soon™