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Lightbound Boreus
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Lightbound Boreus is one of the Behemoths in Dauntless. It is a variant of Boreus.

Journal Entry[ | ]

The Lightbound Boreus is a moving mountain. The crystals that grow from its body bear a strange resemblance to the glittering caves on Conundrum Rocks.

Many Behemoths have been affected by the recent surge in radiant aether. But the psionic power of the Boreus allowed some to connect to the radiant frequency so strongly, it began to crystallize, becoming the Lightbound Boreus.

The crystalline armour protects the Behemoth, but early research suggests it also influences it. Some other entity uses the crystals to connect to the Lightbound Boreus and bend it to some unknown will. In turn, that will has deepened the bond between the Behemoth and the minions that make up this creature's collective consciousness. However, this cognitive load appears to weigh heavy on Lightbound Boreus, causing what can only be described as erratic behaviour.

The Lightbound Boreus summons its minions from across time and space to protect it during battle. However, the more minions it summons, the larger the mental toll. Disruptions to that psionic link may help stagger and confuse the Behemoth.

The radiant aether built up inside of the Lightbound Boreus is often released in a devastating radiant blast. Much like the Chronovore, these blasts can pierce through the strongest armours.

Thankfully, the Lightbound Boreus is slow, encumbered by the physical weight of the crystals and the mental weight of its psionic connections.

Kat's Hunting Tips:

-A Lightbound Boreus can create massive aether shockwaves, use its radiant prisms to your own advantage

-The crystallized aether attached this Behemoth's body is sharp and dangerous, watch for hard-hitting stomps and tail slams.

Drop Table[ | ]

Guaranteed Drops[ | ]

Icon Name Obtained From
Boreus Hide Icon 001 Boreus Hide Slay
Rams Icon 001 Rams


Horn Fragment Icon 001 Horn Fragment Head Break
Hoof Chip Icon 001 Hoof Chip Leg Break
Icy Hindscale Icon 001 Icy Hindscale Tail Break

Loot Rolls[ | ]

Icon Name Obtained From
Boreus Hide Icon 001 Boreus Hide Slay
Psionic Scale Icon 001 Psionic Scale
Dreadfrost Shard Icon 001 Dreadfrost Shard

-Upon Behemoth kill, you're granted 5 Loot Rolls.

-For each part break, you gain an additional Loot Roll

-Note, that the Kill & Break has a different Loot Table

- Source: [1]

Modifiers[ | ]

This Behemoth has no modifiers.

Islands[ | ]

Lightbound Boreuss can be found on the following Islands

Icon Island Level Guaranteed Behemoth Available Behemoths
Island Icon Radiant Small
Conundrum Rocks
10 - 13
Valomyr Illustrated Full Icon Valomyr Valomyr Illustrated Trimmed Icon Valomyr Lightbound Boreus Illustrated Trimmed Icon Lightbound Boreus Firebrand Charrogg Illustrated Trimmed Icon Firebrand Charrogg Moonreaver Shrike Illustrated Trimmed Icon Moonreaver Shrike Ragetail Gnasher Illustrated Trimmed Icon Ragetail Gnasher

Attack Patterns[ | ]

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