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Lesser Gnasher
Lesser Gnasher Illustrated Full Icon
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Lesser Gnasher is one of the Behemoths in Dauntless. It is a variant of Gnasher.

Drop Table[ | ]

Guaranteed Drops[ | ]

Icon Name Obtained From
Gnasher Hide Icon 001 Gnasher Hide Slay
Rams Icon 001 Rams


Ragetooth Icon 001 Ragetooth Break Head
Gnasher Shinplate Icon 001 Gnasher Shinplate Break Leg
Sharpened Slapper Icon 001 Sharpened Slapper Sever Tail

Loot Rolls[ | ]

Icon Name Obtained From
Gnasher Hide Icon 001 Gnasher Hide Slay

-Upon Behemoth kill, you're granted 5 Loot Rolls.

-For each part break, you gain an additional Loot Roll

-Note, that the Kill & Break has a different Loot Table

- Source: [1]

Modifiers[ | ]

This Behemoth has no modifiers.

Islands[ | ]

Lesser Gnashers can be found on the following Islands.

Icon Island Level Guaranteed Behemoth Available Behemoths
Island Icon 002
Boreal Outpost
1 - 3
Lesser Boreus Illustrated Full Icon Lesser Boreus Lesser Boreus Illustrated Trimmed Icon Lesser Boreus Lesser Gnasher Illustrated Trimmed Icon Lesser Gnasher
Island Icon 003
Revelation Rock
2 - 4
Lesser Quillshot Illustrated Full Icon Lesser Quillshot Lesser Quillshot Illustrated Trimmed Icon Lesser Quillshot Lesser Gnasher Illustrated Trimmed Icon Lesser Gnasher Gnasher Illustrated Trimmed Icon Gnasher Lesser Boreus Illustrated Trimmed Icon Lesser Boreus Boreus Illustrated Trimmed Icon Boreus

Attack Patterns[ | ]

Exclusive Moves[ | ]

  • Tail Slam: Medium wind-up straight attack. Behemoth jumps and smacks ground ahead with its tail. Often performed if Slayer is in front of behemoth. Can be weakened by chopping tail off.
  • Body Roll: Medium wind-up short range attack. Behemoths jumps forward and hits ground with body, but does not use tail like in Tail Flop. Easily dodged by walking or rolling sideways.
  • Panic Slide: Short wind-up attack. Behemoth prepares and slides forward on their belly, knocking down players hit in a widening hit following its body. Can be interrupted.

Generic Moves[ | ]

  • Tail Slap: Short-Medium wind-up attack. Often performed if Slayer is behind or at sides of behemoth. Can be weakened/removed by chopping off behemoth's tail.
  • Stomp: Short wind-up attack with behemoth's legs. Small hit area around behemoth's foot. Will perform often if Slayer remains near the legs and will be performed in sequence if behemoth is allowed to Enrage. Can be interrupted by breaking any part of the behemoth at the right time.
  • Tackle Run: Short wind-up attack. Behemoth will screech before running far from slayers. Tends to be hard to predict.
  • Side Bump: Short-Medium wind-up attack on behemoth's side. Telegraphed by behemoth leaning sideways. Often performed if slayer is at belly area of the behemoth.

Gallery[ | ]