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Lanterns are rechargeable gear which can provide beneficial active effects in combat. They are crafted by Arkan Drew, Ramsgate's aethersmith. For lantern skins or transmogs, see lantern skins. See also Lantern Attunement


Lantern Abilities are activated by briefly holding down the key/button bound to your lantern control. Abilities can only be activated once your lantern is fully charged. Activating an ability makes the lantern enter a time-based cooldown to charge up completely before they can be used again.

Note: As of patch 1.7.0 with the introduction of Omnicells, Lanterns now possess a single ability (earlier activated as the "Hold Ability").

Lanterns charge over time (30 sec cooldown), but certain interactions can affect this cooldown. Using an aether vent reduces your lantern ability cooldown by 20%, collecting Aether Wisps reduces your lantern ability cooldown by 10%. Lantern charge build-up/cooldown can also be tweaked by using Perks:

  • Aetheric Attunement can increase the lantern charge rate by up to 50% (approximately reduces the charging cooldown up to 33.3%)
  • Aetheric Evasion can reduce the charging cooldown by up to 35% on dodging through an attack.

Lantern abilities can be activated while performing any other action without interruption.


Icon Name Lantern Ability Cell Slot
Lantern Icon 001
Recruit's Lantern Grants a 300 hit point shield (doesn't stack) None
Drask's Eye Icon 001
Drask's Eye Fires a lightning bolt in a direction that deals 400 shock damage multiple times as it passes through enemies. Insight Cell Insight
Embermane's Rapture Icon 001
Embermane's Rapture Create a fire ball in front of you that explodes after 4 seconds, dealing 3250 blaze damage to all nearby enemies. Insight Cell Insight
Koshai's Bloom Icon 001
Koshai's Bloom Dash in a direction, deal 2250 Terra damage to nearby behemoths upon arrival, and gain 15% lifesteal for 10 seconds Insight Cell Insight
Broadsides Lantern Icon 001
Broadsides Lantern Drop a bomb from above that explodes after 1 second. Deals 2750 damage and can interrupt Behemoths. Insight Cell Insight
Pangar's Shine Icon 001
Pangar's Shine Create a frost pillar in front of you that deals 2500 Frost damage to nearby enemies over 10 seconds. Insight Cell Insight
Shrike's Zeal Icon 001
Shrike's Zeal Creates an aura that grants nearby Slayers 15% increased move speed and attack speed for 10 seconds. Insight Cell Insight
Skarn's Defiance Icon 001
Skarn's Defiance Surrounds the slayer in swirling stone that deals 2500 Terra damage to nearby enemies over 10 seconds. Also generates 30 hit point shields per second that expire after 25 seconds. (Max 600 shields) Insight Cell Insight

Lantern Skins

The following lantern skins can be used on the lantern:

Lantern Trail Effects

The following lantern skins have Trail effects:


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This formula calculates Lantern Charge.[1]
((Health damage(without power mult) / 5) + Aetheric Frenzy bonus) * Lantern Charge Bonus%