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Katerin "Kat" Sorrel
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Voice Actor
Fryda Wolff

Katerin Sorrel is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate in Dauntless.


NPC can be found in Ramsgate Plaza to the left of Markus Boehr.


Born to pioneer parents who died saving her from the destruction of their frontier island home - a dark, driving memory she shares with only a few close friends - Kat was forced to raise herself. The hardships of her vagabond childhood forced Kat to prove her worth amid the toughs and beggars of the Ramsgate streets, and she soon learned that she was a natural fighter - but hunting behemoths was her calling. Before the injuries that force her into retirement, Kat lives to destroy behemoths like those that killed her family in hope no other family has to go through the same experience. Kat is well-known not just as a slayer, but a trainer of slayers whose students often go on to be among the greatest to follow the path. She trains a single apprentice at a time, taking the time to imbue each with all her years of experience and skill.

Outwardly gruff and no-nonsense, but lets her guard down to reveal a droll sense of gallows humor with those she trusts. She has little patience for time-wasters and takes training apprentice slayers very seriously, having seen too many cocky, half-trained monster hunters killed by behemoths. She can seem contemptuous of the soft, easy-living people who live in the towns and cities, but she secretly envies them - at least until her retirement later in the story, when she will immediately begin to crave a return to the skies. Her early life taught her the value of standing up for those who can’t fight for themselves, but her hatred of behemoths is her ultimate driving force. Only her injuries will keep her grounded, to her frustration, but eventually she will rejoin the sky ship as a crew member.

Initially Kat is a source of inspiration and knowledge for the player - a trusted mentor more than a parental substitute who can crack wise with trusted subordinates, but also command immediate attention and snap into a serious, professional demeanor in an instant. After she retires, these qualities will be tempered a bit by drink and frustration at being grounded, but they’re still the core of who Kat is.


Many years ago Kat was on a journey with a goal to study every single possible fighting style. Her search led her on many adventures but ended at the Adamant Temple, a hidden refuge on a fabled wandering isle. There she studied with fighting monks called Adamant Fists, warriors dedicated to perfecting the art of pure hand-to-hand aetheric combat. The Fists had learned to focus their inner strength to wield this power. In particular, it was said the Adamant Fists became living weapons—human hammers that channeled aether through their very souls into their deadly hands. When she defeated enough of the Fists to be allowed to study with their Scarred Master, she learned their secret. The Adamant Fists used ancient gauntlets called aether strikers. These weapons were powered by pre-Upheaval secrets even the Master didn’t fully understand, drawing on the ambient aether into the human body. So impressed was the Scarred Master by Sorrell that she granted her the right to take one of the Master’s own strikers with her to Ramsgate. Thinking she had learned all she could, Kat returned home but just one striker wasn’t able to take on a Behemoth. She gave the weapon to aethersmith Arkan Drew for study, hoping he could one day improve on it. After the Skyquake, Kat had long wondered if the Adamant Temple survived. To Kat’s surprise, her old teacher has finally answered her missives personally—for the Scarred Master has arrived in Ramsgate with a small team of followers and terrible news. The Temple had been destroyed. She and her followers are the last of the Fists.[1]