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Arkan Drew
Arkan Drew

Description[ | ]

Summary[ | ]

Gather aether orbs to help Arkan Drew fight the elements.

Journal[ | ]

Aethersmith Arkan Drew has learned the Portal Driver may be tuned using elemental orbs to engage with other forms of aether. He believes that with terra orbs to neutralize the corruption and shock orbs to empower the transfer, then his bold and half-mad plan might just work.

Objectives[ | ]

Rewards[ | ]

  • Hunt Pass XP (x100)
  • Rams Icon 001Rams (x100)

Dialogue[ | ]

(Quest start)

Arkan Drew: "The more I learn, the more I mourn the Void Runner knowledge that's lost to time. But I have a hypothesis. They called it a Portal Driver, but it is so much more — an aetheric engine of seemingly inexhaustible power."

Arkan Drew: "That power can be tuned to redirect the umbral connection. Terra could serve as a grounding agent to neutralize the corruption, while shock... yes! Shock empowers the transfer. I will need elemental orbs from both."

(Complete Objective)

Arkan Drew: "It appears to have worked, but... well, I'm not certain what this means. There were some rather curious feedback readings in the terra aether. It was like an echo in the frequency, but... unnatural."

Arkan Drew: "We solved one mystery, only for another to present itself. Do not concern yourself with this yet. It may only be a malfunction in the equipment, and you should be celebrating what you've accomplished. Rest while you can! You may need it."

(Quest Completed)

This quest will only be available for the duration of the Clear Skies Hunt Pass