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The Journal is a collection of lore containing information and secrets about The Shattered Isles. Journal entries are unlocked through gameplay and reveal mysteries of Behemoths, Ramsgate, and more.




Icon Name Location
Ostian Harpoon Icon.png Ostian Harpoon Near the aether jet behind the Dock Entrance
The Sword (Journal Entry) Icon.png The Sword Stuck in the rock behind the Ramsgate Smithy
Aether Batteries Icon.png Aether Batteries On the table near Katerin Sorrel
Moyra's Tongs Icon.png Moyra's Tongs Behind Moyra Heigsketter in the Ramsgate Smithy
Wils' Smelting Pot Icon.png Wils' Smelting Pot Behind Wils Bormen in the Ramsgate Smithy
Hector the Turtle Icon.png Hector the Turtle Behind Moyra Heigsketter in the Ramsgate Smithy
Kat's Claw (Journal Entry) Icon.png Kat's Claw Leaning against the table near Katerin Sorrel
Curious Lily Pad Icon.png Curious Lily Pad On the floating island behind the Ramsgate Bazaar
Mining Gear Icon.png Mining Gear Behind the waterfall near Xelya the Farslayer
Public Safety Notice 112 Icon.png Public Safety Notice #112 Inside the pub area of Slayer's Watch near the bar
Zai's Workbench Icon.png Zai's Workbench Next to Admiral Zai
Arkan's Lantern Components Icon.png Arkan's Lantern Components Next to Arkan Drew
The L.A.D. Mk. II Icon.png The L.A.D. Mk. II On the roof or Arkan's tower above Arkan Drew
Half-Buried Treasure Icon.png Half-Buried Treasure Between the stairs to the Trials Square.
Farslayers of Arbourhome Icon.png Farslayers of Arbourhome Near the entrance to the ramp up to Xelya the Farslayer

Hunting Grounds[]

icon Name Location
Aetheric Meteorite.png Aetheric Meteorite Emberthorn Cove
That Snow Battlefield.png That Snow Battlefield Boreal Outpost
Gnasher Sign.png Gnasher Sign Revelation Rock
Unoccupied Slayer Camp.png Unoccupied Slayer Camp Restless Sands
Zephyr Strike Banner.png Zephyr Strike Banner Iron Falls
Wreck of the I.M.V Tarmo.png Wreck of the I.M.V Tarmo Sunderstone
Deserted Farslayer Shelter.png Deserted Farslayer Shelter Aulric's Peak
Unusual Helm Icon.png Unusual Helm Frostmarch
Abandoned Ram Ranch.png Abandoned Ram Ranch Thunderwatch
Corsair Anchor.png Corsair Anchor Fortune's Folly
Fruit Pileup.png Fruit Pileup Brightwood
Frozen Gruk-Gruk.png Frozen Gruk-Gruk Coldrunner Key
Cultist Mask.png Cultist Mask The Snowblind Waste
Tiefland's Best.png Tiefland's Best Undervald Defile
Big Old Skull.png Big Old Skull Cape Fury
Derelict Boneyard.png Derelict Boneyard Hades Reach
Downed Drone.png Downed Drone Razorcliff Isle
Dense Archonite Node.png Dense Archonite Node Twilight Sanctuary
Floating Stone.png Floating Stone Twilight Sanctuary
Skaldish Shipwreck.png Skaldish Shipwreck Frost Escalation Normal/Hard
Fallen Frostwarden.png Fallen Frostwarden Frost Escalation Normal/Hard
A Taste for It.png A Taste for It Frost Escalation Hard
Primal Instincts.png Primal Instincts Brightwood
Elder States.png Elder States Coldrunner Key
Unseen Summoning Stone.png Unseen Summoning Stone Twilight Sanctuary
The Shrouded Raven.png The Shrouded Raven Twilight Sanctuary
Martyr's Reach.png Martyr's Reach Paradox Breaks
Rezakiri Idol.png Rezakiri Idol Razorcliff Isle
Charr-Kiln of Phaestus.png Charr-Kiln of Phaestus Hades Reach
Charr-Kiln of Zaerath.png Charr-Kiln of Zaerath Cape Fury
The Crystal Method.png The Crystal Method Paradox Breaks
Abandoned Research Station.png Abandoned Research Station The Blazeworks
Ostian Enforcers.png Ostian Enforcers The Blazeworks
Disturbing Specimen.png Disturbing Specimen The Blazeworks
Aether Extractor.png Aether Extractor The Blazeworks
Supply Shipment.png Supply Shipment The Blazeworks
Frostwarden Telescope.png Frostwarden Telescope Boreal Outpost
Placeholder Crystallized Radiant Aether Radiant Escalation, behind the sand-fall by the puzzle


Icon Name Location
Dock Entrance Icon.png Dock Entrance Left side (stage right) of the Dock Entrance
Ramsgate Bazaar Icon.png Ramsgate Bazaar On the roof of the Ramsgate Bazaar
Arkan's Tower Icon.png Arkan’s Tower On the roof of Arkan's Tower over Arkan Drew
Slayer's Watch Icon.png Slayer's Watch On the roof of the Slayer's Watch tower
Trials Square Icon.png Trials Square In the Trials Square near the aether jet

Relics & Ruin[]

The Relics and Ruin Collection was introduced during the Hunt Pass Season: Relics & Ruin.

Icon Name
Light in the Ruins Icon.png Light in the Ruins
In Portal Danger Icon.png In Portal Danger
What Evil Lurks Icon.png What Evil Lurks

Clear Skies[]

The Clear Skies Collection was introduced during the Hunt Pass Season: Clear Skies.

Icon Name
Journal Collectable Icon.png The Lethal Opposition
Journal Collectable Icon.png To Drive the Portal Driver!
Journal Collectable Icon.png A Voice from the Void
Journal Collectable Icon.png The Space in Between
Ramsgate Reborn Icon.png Ramsgate Reborn
Shadow Play Icon.png Shadow Play
Undergrowth Icon.png Undergrowth

Strange Horizons[]

The Strange Horizons Collection was introduced during the Hunt Pass Season: Strange Horizons

Icon Name
Homeward Bound Icon.png Homeward Bound


The Aethersmith[]

Arkan Drew made one final adjustment in the interface and stepped back to admire his own work, something in which he rarely indulged himself. But if the Slayers of Ramsgate were to hunt strange new Behemoths steeped in charged terra aether, the L.A.D. Mark II would need to be precisely tuned to accommodate their lanterns. Terra, like all prime aetheric frequencies, possessed many unique qualities, and an improperly aligned attunement lens could cause a feedback loop that burned out the entire device—or worse.

Not for the first time, he wished he could join his friends in the coming hunts, if only to see his work in action against humanity’s shared foes. But he knew he was of far more use to the people of Ramsgate, the Arbourhome refugees who had taken shelter there, and his Orrery colleagues safe in far-off St. Avellaine, by staying put. His greatest contribution to the escalating fight was ensuring total preparation.

The Alchemist[]

Granny Strega cinched up her traveling satchel—satchels, packs, pouches, and pockets were all filled with things she might need on this journey—and locked up her grounded airshop Hazel for the first time since she'd arrived in Ramsgate. Traveling to an island infested with Agaric spores and creatures the Arbourhome Farslayers weren't prepared to face was a bit outside her usual methods of operation, so she wanted to make absolutely sure she wouldn't be caught unawares.

True, the primary goal of this expedition would be discovering the current state of those islands, but Granny's goals weren't quite the same as those of Xelya or the Ramsgate Slayers that Kat Sorrel sent along with her. Their purpose, near as Granny could tell, was to inspire the refugees to take back their home. The Ramsgate Slayers were thinking along the same lines, she was sure, but also sought the power inherent in charged terra archonite to help in the overall war against the Behemoths.

Granny? She wanted those spores. All of them she could get. For those spores represented the first truly new alchemical discovery she'd heard of in ages. Living aether that could infest and alter not only aetheric entities like Behemoths, but also animals, plants, the very islands themselves?

Oh, what she'd be able to cook up with those. Even if nothing else came of it, she'd be able to whip up a spicy Dark Harvest stew.

The Behemoth Expert[]

Doctor Shaed Priyani reviewed the plan for the hundredth time. Unlike the expedition to the Deeps, she would be taking a backseat this time—but still intended to stay on high alert as her allies explored what had become of the islands that once comprised the Farslayer city of Arbourhome.

The spores that spread the Agarus' toxic infection and spread fungal growths and strange plant life across every island they touched were the first order of business. She knew many were interested in them for their own purposes, but she sincerely hoped Granny Strega would remember her request when the time came. The old alchemist was free to use them any way she liked, and Priyani was confident Strega wouldn't blow up the city, probably. But what the doctor wanted was samples on which to experiment. Living Behemoth parts were unheard of, for the most part. Severed limbs and other parts solidified when separated from the main body, but these Agaric spores were something very different.

Precautions against their spread were already being carefully prepared. And Priyani herself would ensure they did not escape her laboratory.

The Farslayer[]

Xelya wasn’t a leader. Didn't want to be a leader. Didn't like leaders or leadership or being in charge of anything. That was city talk. Kat business. So why did these Arbourhome Farslayers keep looping to her to lead?

It was a silly question, she knew. Despite her… difficulty communicating with others at times, she wasn't stupid. The Arbourhome refugees were dejected, depressed, and were on the verge of giving up if they hadn't already. They made it to Ramsgate and found a Farslayer already there, one who hadn't been fighting against terra-mutants and gigantic fungal nightmares for the last several months and saw her as a symbol of hope.

Kat was the one who convinced her not to just hit the skies and run. Kat was one of the only ones who really understood Xelya, as much as any city Slayer could. They were more alike than not. Kat reminded Xelya that she herself had faced a similar quandary when the very first Ramsgate settlement was destroyed by a raging Gnasher. She could have fled then but didn't. And Ramsgate became the city on the verge of the Maelstrom due to her courage.

When that city was threatened by umbral nightmares, Kat worked with Old Arkan and other Slayers to make sure the people would survive in this new place. They'd even made a home for Xelya here, one that the other Farslayers were already starting to say felt like their home too.

Now it was Xelya's turn to play Kat. But she couldn't think of it as playing. She had to become Kat, or at least become what Kat was.

The Arbourhome Blight was going to turn Xelya into a leader. Whether she wanted to or not.