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Iceborne is one of the Omnicells in Dauntless.


Passive: Increase max health by 100. Gain 1% lifesteal and 5% reduced damage, then again for every 150 missing health. Taking damage reduces the cooldown of the active ability by 5 seconds (only once every 5 seconds).

Active: Throw an ice lance that does 1500 frost damage; double damage if thrown at full health. Also prevents you from being staggered and grants +10% lifesteal for 8 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

Obtainable From[]

Iceborne is unlocked in the Slayer's Path


Icon Name Obtained from
Stony Hide Icon 001.png(x5) Deepfrost Stonehide A common drop from the Limbs of a Deepfrost Skarn
Hoof Chip Icon 001.png(x4) Hoof Chip A Common drop from the Leg of any Boreus
Icy Frostback Scale Icon 001.png(x1) Icy Frostback Scale A Rare drop From slaying a Frostback Pangar
Omnistone Icon 001.png(x15) Omnistone A key component in aetheric pylon construction
Shattered Frostbeak Icon 001.png(x2) Shattered Frostbeak A common Drop from the Head of any Skraev
Rams Icon 001.png(x1.5k) Rams The common currency of the Shattered Isles.