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Hunts are the primary game modes in Dauntless and consist of Slayers searching for and slaying Behemoths. There are 4 hunt types available:

Icon Name Description
Hunt Icon.png Hunting Grounds Set sail through the Shattered Isles to hunt a variety of behemoths across all kinds of environments, all alive with Events and Behemoths. Come together with up to five other Slayers to keep the Behemoths at bay earning Reagents from kills and from the occurring Flora, and Ores. Hidden supply caches and Events offer further rewards for astute Slayers. Additional islands can be unlocked throughout the Slayer's Path.
Escalation Icon.png Escalation Face an escalating challenge in a series of Behemoth hunts with increasing difficulty to unlock new talents and abilities. Each Escalation, at each difficulty is unlocked individually from the Slayer's Path, with Shock unlocked automatically when the core nodes are unlocked.
Trials Icon.png Trial The Trials feature arena-style fights against strange and unusual Behemoths that will put Slayers to the test. Trails hunts reward Slayers with Steel Marks Icon 001.pngSteel Marks and Gilded Marks Icon 001.png Gilded Marks to spend in Lady Luck's shop. Trials and Dauntless Trials are unlocked on the Slayer's Path from nodes XI and XII respectively.
Training Grounds Icon.png Training Grounds Visit a training area to bash on dummy Behemoths with your choice of weapon. Try out something new or practice your combos to reach peak Slayer performance.